Feel like slapping myself..

This morning as usual I woke up with a sleepyhead.
Still, I got moving with the rituals.
Hopped into shower, picked up clothes and dressed up.
All the while with my eyes and my soul being half asleep.
Finally, I reached my workplace.
Knocked the door for 10 minutes.
Wondering where all the nurses are.
They are supposed to come half and hour earlier than me.
And where are they now??
I glanced at my wrist.
Is the pin striking at 8.10 a.m. ???
Is this watch correct??
The clinic only opens at 9 a.m.
Why did I come so early.
I could have cuddle Isabella for a lot more.
What a waste!!!
Benci aaaaaaaaaaa!!
Missing even 10 minutes of your cuddle session with your baby is still like losing gold.
I have been working long hours again for 5 days already.
It was supposed to be only 3 days but then, somebody asked me to replace her as her father is waiting for an emergency operation for amputation with lots of comorbidities and high risk consent.
It is not a good time for her and I know I have to help her.
Imagine still coming to work while worrying about your father in OT.
I would want to be with my family if this happens to me.
So I cancelled my morning cuddling session with Isabella yesterday and today.
Hopefully, we can spend some time tomorrow as I am supposed to be working evening shift this week.
That is why I am ting tong..
My head is empty and I am waiting in the car for 30 minutes now. 30 more minutes to go..

Have a nice day you all..

Wearing Jubah dress from Michiko scarves.Nursing friendly as well.


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