The Vintage of London

We are here in London

Being in London, this is not my first time. It is my third time here.
You must visit London atleast once in your lifetime.
It is very different from any other city in Europe.
It is a combination of old classic, British, royals and with a whole lot of history.
It is the mix culture that is giving more soul to the city according to my husband.
As a little girl, I grew up with stories like Sherlock Holmes, Peter Pan and other story books based in London and it started my imagination on how the city was like.
As a teenager, I was into medieval romance, historical romance about Lords and Lady of the House in pursuits of romantic love.
It was all too charming and it made me almost wish to be born as the character based in medieval England era.
However, the truth is when you read history it is all not too romantic.
It involved death, plaque and so on.
I was surprised to learn that Kensington Palace is haunted due to several tragic death.
It was where Princess Diana's resided during her lifetime and currently the residence of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge aka Kate Middleton.

This time around, it was my husband's wish to visit London what brought us here.

We rented a room in a townhouse through airbnb.
That was the best decision ever.
Instead of crampping in a small hotel room with no kitchen, we can use the kitchen freely to make breakfast and the most important thing is to cook for Isabella.
It take 15 minutes to the centre via Picadilly Line so very convinient.

In the morning, we went to Columbia Flower Market.
It is only on Sunday every week.
Here you can get beautiful fresh flowers for just £4 which equal to Rm20 for 10 roses.
Crazy right???
I went crazy in there.

Then, husband wanted to look around in the Vintage Market.
The markets are just nearby so we headed of to Brick Lane, Liverpool Street and Spitalfields.
His eyes lit seeing all those vintage clothes and products.
He suddenly became talkative.
You know my husband, the one who just always quiet as if I was walking next to a wall.
When he saw the graffiti, he started jumping for photos and I knew that his art soul has just fell in love with London City.

Seems like Isabella loves the market as well.

Next,we went to the Thames River.

St. Paul Cathedral.
And shopping with dinner in Westfield Mall.
Tomorrow is another day.


  1. Looks like you guys are having such fun.. take care and keep warm :)

  2. Hahahahaha we are having so much fun!! Tapi kaki kami da nak tercabut da.Thanks Fara

  3. Rasa mcm ikut u kat London jer bila baca cerita u ni.pic semua menarik.kem salam london .wish dpt p sana one day


    1. Saja nak bawak u jln2 through my blog hehehe


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