Hyde Park London Day 3

Day 3 in London.

We spent our morning in Hyde Park.
It was a sunny day.
There were people jogging and strolling around.

If you come to London, make sure you don't miss this park especially if you have kids.
Isabella woke up as soon as she heard the swans.

As expected, she loves the dried leaves.
That  was the reason I took her in autumn.
She was busy kicking the leaves and that gave us joy.
Told you this trip is for Isabella.

Next, we headed off to Kensington Road. It was not far from Hyde Park.
Kensington Road has apartments of the rich and richest.
It is called UK most expensive streets.
It is facing the Kensington Park so it was a gem in the city.
Here is where Kate Middleton resides with her 2 princes, Roman Abromovich owned a property here as well as Sultan Brunei, Laksmi Mittal the Indian billionaire and many more.
They are neighbours but I don't think they live here.
Do you know that London is a city for billionaires.
It has the most billionaires in the world and most of them are non-UK residents.
It is the favourable tax rules that attracted all these richie the rich.
It was one of London's idea to attract tgem for investment. Low tax.
You pay tax for how much you make in the Uk but not for all your properties all over the world.
Thus, all the billionaires flocked to live here.
With their investments and money.
Brilliant idea.
So yea, they have more than a 100 billionaires residing.

Owh Harrods Harrods.
She went crazy.

I bought bags as souvenirs.
You have to come here.
Their products are just lovely.
That is why it is so packed.
We visited the Westminster City and stopped at Victoria Station.
As you can see, I use a stroller. Britax B-Agile.
Eventhough it is not as narrow as MacLaren, it more than fits all the double decker busses and train.
We used both.
However, the bus is a better choice as not all underground has lifts.
Except that the underground will take you directly to your place.
The best way is to mix.
When it comes to the underground station without a lift, we had to lift the stroller with Isabella in it.
It was just a few steps.
Everyone does it even the Londoners.
Then, we used the escalators with the stroller.
My husband is a pro so I let him.
It wasn't difficult at all.
The other passengers would provide space for you and your baby.
Very thoughtful.
The road was smooth mostly only slight bump here and there but with a bug tyres like us, it was a smooth sail.
I noticed the Londoners like big tyres as well.
Travelling with a baby in a public bus??
Don't fear it.
It is as easy as you travelling alone.
Frankly, I find it easy.
It wasn't cramped and very comfortable.
I will definitely do this again and again instead of renting a car, filling petrol from the outskirt of London and drive in the busy London.
Not to mention finding parking and pay for parking.
Even the Londoners prefer public transport as it is fast, efficient and punctual.
We brought our Ergo but we haven't used it so far.

Next was shopping in Oxford Street.
Here you can find super duper cheap shopping.
Just walk along Oxford Street, Marble Arch, Bond Street, Reagent Street.
So, when I said, no shopping for me in London, huh I lied.
My husband laughed guling-guling seeing me dragged this after my whole lot of determination of not shop here.

These streets at night are just so packed.
Very busy street.
And it is happening.
My husband loves it.
Eventhough my feet hurts, he suggested that we take a walk down here and window shopping.
We strolled and talked and it was a very romantic moment.
I am glad we didn't go home when I suggested it.

What a fun day.


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