Bonjour!! Merci!!

It is 4.40 a.m. in Geneva.
Both my baby and my husband is deep asleep.
Me? I guess I had enough sleep just now.
So decided to blog.
We have reached Geneva yesterday afternoon.

It is just a short trip to Geneva. We will be here only for 2 days before we fly to London.
It was drizzling when we arrived so we didn't visit much.
Besides, it was already 4 p.m. by the time we reach our hotel.
We were starving.
Especially Isabella.
I guess she was having her jet-legged moment as she slept so much on the plane and even in the hotel.
Luckily we brought her stroller as she fell asleep as soon as we put her in there.
There was a shopping mall right across the street.
As it was drizzling, I used an umbrella while my husband use his hood.
Isabella's canopy provided her enough protection.
The mall was in a Christmas mood.
Everybody was busy shopping with friends and family.
It was filled with different races.
Here, you can see colored races walking with a Caucasian hand in hand in a group.
They just blended all together.
It is amazing.
I have travelled enough to understand eventhough all races live under one roof, not many people would go out, hang out, hold hands merrily with different races.
Of course there are. It is just here is more.
Maybe because of the similar background and culture, we prefer to stick to each other eventhought we respect other races as well.
Geneva or Switzerland seems different.
Lets learn a little about Geneva.

Switzerland is bordered by Germany, France and Italy.
Thus they speak German, French or Italian based on their geography.
The capital city of Switzerland is Bern.
Geneva however is a global city, a financial centre and worlwide centre of diplomacy due to multiple international organization located here including the WHO itself.
It is the second most populous city after Zurich in Switzerland.
I guess that could be the reason why they all live harmoniously together.
The Alps..
The highest peak is the Chamonix Mont Blanc.
It was amazing!!!!

Here in Geneva, they speak French.
So, as I arrived, they would greet me Bonjour and I replied Bonjour Madame.
They are very polite, very courteous.
Don't call me Jakun okay hahaha as I have been to several countries to compare each country and it's people.
Yes they are all polite when you ask them for directions or stuffs but the Swiss are different.

Let me tell you, we were walking in the shopping mall, H&M, I was standing there with the stroller waiting for my husband as he browsed through the men section.
A man was pushing his child in a stroller passed me, and he said, 'Merci' with a smile.
I wonder why??
Then, I realized that he thought I was giving him way that was why I stopped.
When the thing was, I was bored LOL.

Second scene, we were getting out of an elevator, 2 old ladies were waiting with their shopping trolley outside the lift.
As we came out, the ladies smiled sweetly at me and nodded their heads as I smiled and nodded back.
They said,' Merci'.
Now why would you do that??
Hmmm as I remembered, nobody bother to say thank you to people who get off a lift.
There is no need for that.
Now, I felt bad because of their courteous way, I felt like I was the bad one here.

It is nice right to be that courteous.

Next, we were in the airport shuttle.
I was sitting with Isabella when there was a 40-50 plus Swiss lady in front of me.
I thought that I should stand up and let her sit but holding my heavy Isabella and few bags with my luggages around me, I thought I might topple over.
She had only one small push bag and she seemed steady and strong.
Anyway due to my guilt, I felt like I was way half of her life so I offered my seat.
She declined as she stood in front of me holding a pole.
Very understanding.
As the door opened and everybody was getting out, I decided to let everyone go first because lets face it, me getting up with a baby in my hand and bags, hmm will slow everyone else.
Suddenly, my husband nudged me and said that the old lady is signalling me to go first.
I was so touched that I said,'Merci' and bowed my head a little. She waited for us as the other Swiss passengers.
Hmm I am so used to people running out first.
It is because Asian people like to be the first right? LOL.

When travelling, you are at your odd, so every little kindness just touch you.

Outside the airport, we wanted to get a taxi but the driver said that since our hotel is just too close, he suggested to take a bus. He said it will be just one station.
My husband didn't like the idea because of the luggages.
Anyway,we went to the bus station upstairs and Bus No 10 was waiting for passengers.
Hubby pushed the trolley as I mentioned the name of our hotel to the driver.
He couldn't speak English so he mentioned the station name.
I would tell you guys if I knew what he said.
It was in French and sounded like Boulxtrexnnmsjaz. Whatever.
Hahahahhaa so I looked confused.
He raised his 10 fingers and bend each finger until 5. So it means the 5th station is my stop.
That's all I know.
As my husband finished loading our 3 bags, the driver drove us.
Isabella was so happy sitting on my lap that she started jumping.
I wondered why.
There was a nice sweet lady teasing her behind me.
Swiss like kids.
They have been teasing Isabella all the way.
My husband said something to me.
Crap!! I lost count of the stations.
Ni i geram ni. Banyak sgt org kacau I.
I wondered if this was my station or not.
I read the sign board, did it sound like what the driver said earlier. Builkdndlsksxnxnx??
I guess I was talking to myself when I accidently looked at the big driving mirror at the front, I saw him shaking his head.
'Owh not yet'.
So I smiled and nod to him.
So that was the 4th station I think.
Next station, should be the 5th but I wasn't sure as I lost count earlier.
The bus stopped and I glanced at the big mirror again.
This time the nice abang driver nodded and smiled.
I raise my thumb to him and smiled.

There is being nice and there is going to an extend of helping others.
I guess we are mostly at 'nice' but not to an extend.
Though everytime I travel there are so many good people helping me.
It is just that here, they greet you as you pass them by.
It is just Bonjour and Merci everywhere.

I need to google more French later.
Tomorrow, I will visit the Geneva Lake and town.
Will update more okay.


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