Do you believe in Toyol??

Does any of you believe in Toyol???
LOL I somehow do now!!
Okay it started like this. In the clinic at night before closing the account, the staffs sometime will have money shot. They would look everywhere and recalculate the day's business but still it was unexplainable. So they told me that they would just call put randomly like this ,'Mamat, bagilah balik duit tu'.
And the next day, there will be the exact amount of the table. It happened so many times.
Weird story right???
Okay now this is what happened to me last night.
Isabella was lying on the bed playing with my Iphone.
Then, I hopped in for a shower.
Later at night, I couldn't find my phone at all.
I have not seen the phone since after shower and I haven't touched them I swear I remember.
So what we did was, we started looking everywhere for the phone.
No where in the room.
So we started going through all the bags, spilled out all the clothes on the floor.
Each bag was repacked by me and by my husband.
Both of us didn't find the phone.
I was so upset and worried.
Finally it was time for bed so I accepted the fact that it might have been lost.
I went to sleep wishing that I might dream about the location of my phone.
I wonder where did that girl put it.
She couldn't have place it inside the bags since they were all zipped.
The morning before our flight, we went through the room again and after rechecking all the bags thrice,  we decide not to check again. We closed the door and headed to the airport.
I will not see the phone again.
Now I have to get a new phone and new simcard with all the notes and contacts that I stored before.

Back in our Paris Hotel, I opened my luggage and walla right on top of all the clothes, there it was my iphone, lying there strategically. I wouldn't have missed it before with the way it was placed on top.
I guess Mamat must have followed me all the way to London.
OMG!! My staffs were right about ToYoL.
It sounds ridiculous right??
But that is a fun way to think about it.
I found my IPhone again!!

Here , sharing with you photos from Regent's Park.


  1. Mamat tu nak merasa free vacation la u.hehehe.

  2. LOL kurang asam kan dia ikut I camtu je hahahaha.

  3. Whoa... That's scary! Well if I were u mula2 i'd feel happy and then soon i'd be curious.. Who put it there.. ahaha...

    1. Hahaha I accepted that Mamat put it there.


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