Je t'aime Paris..Au revoire

Finally, it was our last day in Paris,
Huhkhuk so sad...

As I was walking along the Seine River heading towards the Eiffel Tower, I felt a pang of sadness.
I wonder will I ever come here again.
I am so in love with Paris.
It is the Parisian style architecture, the nature gracing along the Seine River, the small roads, the soft, fluffy baguette, the crispy croissant , okay you got it, I will miss the food.
As I walk by, I would cried loudly,' Cantiknya dia!!'and started snapping photos with my DSLR.
It is easy to spot me in the city of Paris.
A girl left behind by her irritated husband who was pushing her baby and she will be catching up to him with her big camera on her hand, running, so that he won't complain how slow she is walking.
I just have to stop to admire a spot, a building, a painting-like view and snap snap, there goes my DSLR.
Everything is a beauty to me.
It is so difficult to handle.
See, I am always behind them LoL.
Owh thats the Eiffel Tower.
It has been raining for two days in a row.
We haven't be able to visit the Eiffel Tower yet.
We really really wished that on our last day, the weather will permit a visit to the Eiffel Tower.
So, we woke up early and by 8 a.m. we headed to Jardin de Tuileries already.
It is a garden near Place de la Concorde.
It is a magic wonderland.
It was still too early so we had the garden to ourselves except for the early joggers.
The sight just took my breath away. I knew it took my husbnd's as well because he immediately stopped to take photos.
If he took photos, it meant he found it worthy.
If not, he would just walk passed it.

Jardin de Tuileries.
The garden has a the French signature all over it.
I stopped at the Laduree earlier on the way and got 2 croissants along with 2 macarons.
Sadly, the croissants weren't a hit in comparison to the croissants we had from the bakeries.
So, the lesson is if you want macarons, Laduree is the place but if you want pastries, get from the bakeries shop.
So my husband is feeding the birds with the croissants.
Isabella started shouting,'Ah ah bird'.
She enjoys watching birds so we make it a point to chase birds wherever we go.
Hubby channeling the 'pendekar pose' I guess.

Isabella enjoyed Jardin de Tuileries as well.
It is easy to please her.

Then, off we went to the Eiffel Tower.
Eiffel Tower is really beautiful.
There is something about it that makes it everyone's favourite sight to be seen.
To me, it is just romantic.
I asked hubby to kiss me in front of the Eiffel.LOL.
He blushed. LOL.
I am brazen like that.

Isabella had her first carousel ride.

It looks like mommy was more excited than she was.
This photo is from Trocadero.
You have to climb Trocadero for a great Eiffel photo.
A good man, offered to take our photos together.
What a kind man he was.
In return, hubby offered to snap
a photo of him together with his
We have arrived at Notre Dame.
We were talking about the Hunchback of Notre Dame so hubby was pretending to be him.
As a child, I used to watch zthe Gargoyles cartoon in New Zealand.
Hubby wasn't sure if it aired in Malaysia during those time.
But we both knew about the gargoyles coming alive from the statues on top of the Notre Dame at night and turned to stone at sunrise.
We started looking for the gargoyles.
We couldn't find any.
Let her loose to chase after the Ah birdss.
As we head home, we stopped for crepes along the way.
I tell you that you must try their pancakes or creperies as the French called it.
We tried the one with Nutella and the plain sucre and butter.
Isabella and hubby loved them.
Of course!Bien.
They were so good.
Each one costs 2.50- 3 €. Equivalent to RM15.
If you convert everything, of course it will be expensive but for the experiences I think it is worth it.
Imagine coming to Paris but not trying any of the French food at all,
What a waste.
My husband was like,'why do you want go eat that?'
And then he tried them, he just changed 360 degree.
My pure Malay husband suddenly reminded me to buy croissants for him on our way home.
Never imagined that my husband would ask for croissants or any other pastries.
He was always only-rice-guy.
Now he knows why I was so fussy about pastries in Malaysia and why I just don't buy pastries back at home.
I have no will to be disappointed anymore so I just stopped eating yougurt, pastries, cheesecakes and well I will just focus on what Malaysia make best.

We passed the Pont de Neuf. Still he refused to lock our love or stamp our name forever here.

Entered Musee de Louvre.

Can't get enough of this place.
As you entered this huge building, it has a huge square in the middle surrounded by an amazing architecture.
Enter through this arch and you will come to..

The Louvre.

Can't get enough of this place.
Who doesn't love the Louvre.
Why laaaa so pretty??
Can I take you home with me and place you as my neighbour??
I was so happy with the view that I started singing 'Pretty woman' from Hindustan film Kal Ho Na Ho, outloud.
I felt like a little girl skipping all over the Paris streets.
Hubby just walked quietly.
I wonder what he was thinking about his wife..Lol.
He understood that was my happy style.
So sad to be leaving this place.
Trust me.
I had so many wonderful memories here with my family.
We have collected thousands of photos to be remembered for lifetime.
I wish to show Isabella when she is old enough to understand.

How much fun we had.
I am grateful for this memories and for this love. May this experiences and memories strengthen our love and bond.
InsyaAllah Paris, thank you for being all I have imagined you would be and even much more.
Till we meet again.
Au Revoire.


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