Freaking out..

I have not been updating my blog regularly recently.
Forgive me.
I am still finishing my final days of work.
Tomorrow is my last day of working and I just cannot wait to be with my little family.
My husband is busy outstationing until the time of our departure.
I hope he makes it on time.
Recently, Qatar airways sent an email of new itinerary.
Apparently there were some changes in the flight schedule which means our travelling time has been moved to earlier.
As I was checking the ticket yesterday through the email, I noticed a discrepancy..

Reaching Doha from Geneva at 23:15
Flying from Doha to Kul at 19:45

Why is it that my connecting flight earlier than my arrival flight to Doha??
Is something wrong with this ticket or is it me?
Have I become so dumb that I cannot read 24 hours time anymore.
As I stared for few minutes, it clicked that the new itinerary has flaws.
It was weekend and the Qatar office was closed.
I was freaking out alone in the clinic.
I wished that I could just fix it through the website but I couldn't unless I pay RM 1500 more.
Yea right!!
This thing happens so often enough to traveller.
Last few months, Yana Samsudin missed her flight in Frankfurt because a mistake exactly like this was done by the agent.
The production had to buy a new ticket on the spot for her and you know how much that would cost.
My husband told me the story when I confided my worry.
He said, ' Crap! We might have to pay more'.
Me: Yea right. There is no way I am going to pay even a cent for a mistake made by others. You just sit tight and let me handle this.

I sent an email. Polite but carefully strict.
Today, at 9:05 sharp, I received an email of confirmed itinerary. The correct one.
They also changed the itinerary on Qatar official website according to the new one.
So, always check and re-check your tickets, visa and passports.
I am very organize that way.
I booked seats with Bassinet for Isabella.
Called the bank to activate oversea usage of debit card and credit card.
When travelling, don't withdraw so much cash with you.
Do not carry all your cash in one place together to avoid loss to pick pockets.
Do not bring foreign currency from Malaysia as the rate in a foreign land sucks.
The best rate is through withdrawal at atm and credit card.
These I have checked and proven during all those travelling.
So, Maybank2u is the best way to move money around.
Bring atleast 2 credit cards from different bank and atm cards.

Okay it is almost time to go home.
Going to pick Isabella from her babysitter.
Tomorrow is another long day.
Thankfully it will be my last day.
Owh guys, it is a flu season so take care of your health.
Vitamins, honey, lemons and water.
Avoid the sick people like hell okay.
Or you will be like me,down with flu.
Take care


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