Halal food in London

Good morning everyone.
It is 5 a.m. in London.
Today will be our last day in London.
Despite being so gorgeous and lovely, I will not miss London.
Eventhough my husband voiced out about his wish to further study here, I told him that I am actually tired of living abroad.
First of all it is because of halal food.LOL.
You can't just decide to eat outside and walla a halal place is just nearby.
Here, you have to travel to certain area and streets which are not just opposite your place.
Or you can eat seafood/ sushi/vegetarian pizza.
Blueekk. Enough of that already.
6 years I lived like that and learned to cook everything I wanted to eat myself.
I went to Russia with the ability to fry egg and came back with a skill to cook from curry to making pizza.
I used to find Halal McDonald and Burger King before in Oxford street but this time, they are no longer halal.
Actually you can find things to eat such as samosa, falafel, they are halal and cheap as well.
We found a delicious chicken samosa at Knightsbridge Tube for £2.
There is always halal kebab or falafel somewhere.
When you travel to Europe, you will eat Lebanese food or any Arabian food because they sell halal and can find them almost everywhere.
They are even in Seoul, Korea.
Apart from the central such as Oxford Street, you can find in Edgware street, Bayswater and Bethnal Green.

Yesterday, we started quite late after 10 a.m.
We just wanted to avoid the crowd during peak hours, you know people going to work.
Shopping best be done in the morning.
The shop Primark is open from 8 a.m.
It was so crowded in the evening that we couldn't breathe.
I bought 2 new shoes, and lots of clothes for Isabella.
They were so cheap.
A top for Isabella costed £1.50 =RM6.
So yea I went crazy!!!
Owh Isabella need that top, need that pants.
The Frozen outfits sections are just wonderful.
I mean I felt like a little girl as I browsed through Elsa's shirt and dresses.
Mothers went crazy for their kids as well.
They just grabbed everything and filled the basket.
I mean if you get paid in pounds, would you care that the baby's clothes is £2 or £1.50.
No wonder they just fill everything in the basket.
Lucky Londoners.

From Oxford Circus Tube Station, we headed to Green Park Station.
From there, we walked through Green Park headed to the Buckingham Palace.

Squirrels are everywhere.
Isabella giving daddy a kiss.
Just say kiss and she will kiss you.
She can wave or salam already.
If you want your active child to be happy, you have to let her out ofthe stroller and enjoy the ground as well.
Like this girl, she wants to walk around but she takes forever to reach our destination so I will walk her around for several minutes only.

Buckingham Palace.
St. James Park is in front of Buckingham Palace.
So you shouldn't miss it.
It is breathtaking.
If you have bread, you can feed them.
They very gentle.
Few times they flew and rested on top of Isabella's stroller.
St.James Park.
Beautiful right?
It is in the middle of London.

Coming out from St.James, we walked to Trafalgar Square.
Found this wall with dried leaves. Just have to ootd.

Horse Guard House behind him.

Trafalgar square is just behind him.

Headed back to Harrods to buy handbags from my sister in law.
Harrods is like a crazy rich mansion which has everything from food to designers and books.
Just prepare the money.
You feel like walking into luxurious house with intricate detailings with expensive of everything.

Actually, travelling to London doesn't have to be crazy expensive.
Though London is an expensive city itself.
You just have to know how to set your budget.
I will say if you are not doing any shopping, RM 1500 is enough for food, travelling, souvenirs during this 4 days of stay.
Accomodation is another RM 1500 if you use airbnb but hotel will cost more than RM 2300.
Okay dearies, Isabella has woken up now and she is busy tidying up my makeup bag ( spilling everything out of the bag).

We will head out soon.
Have a great day!!!


  1. dirtyyy cheap weh...malaysia mana dpt rm1.50 baju weih...preloved pun rm5 aku rsa...xyah cita psal convert duit la...
    beli 2 frozen tops kt H&M at Adriana pun da rm79.90...kalau aku tau..aku kirim dahhh

    1. Mmg murah gila weh!!! Isabella yg dpt baju mcm2.

  2. Yang tak pernah stay oversea mesti verangan nak duk sana.who cares bout halal food.nanti masak la sendiri.haha.gitu la my hubby & i pun suka berangan konon further study oversea.

    1. LOL. Syok sebenarnya so takpe la nak berangan. Tapi sampai satu masa kita akan rasa nak balik Malaysia juga. hehehehe. Muda2 mmg syok dok oversea jalan2 n enjoy weather.


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