Good Sunday everyone!!
How's the week so far?
How is my week?
Sleepy, jet-lagged, busy and dreamy hehehe.
Until yesterday, the whole family was still sleeping at 4 a.m.
It is so frustrating especially when you have to wake up early for work.
If only you can just stay at home and be lazy. What a luxury.
Anyway, my whole week was about work and work.
Looked at my December schedule and the word 'horror' came to mind.
I finished choosing all the photos for printing but that was only the first filter.
We have 2000 plus photos and according to my husband, that will cost us a lot.
I didn't know that.
So, the next filtering session will follow.
Like I said, I am going to have an album for Isabella's sake.
Just like my own UK-childhood-album.

As I was looking at the photos, in my half-asleep-and-half-awake mode, I thought about all the great time and memories that we had.
They just warmed my heart.

I love every single moment spent with these two.
They are just so precious to me.
I am so blessed for having these 2 in my life.
I will cherish every moment we spent during our trip.

It was like a honeymoon for my husband and I, except there was this little munchkin peeking out for attention, whenever mommy and daddy were having romantic moment hahaha.

This trip was the closest to my heart because like I said before there is no meaning for me when I see beautiful places but have nobody to share them with.
I mean sharing with friends give you different kind of joy but sharing with your true love gives you a sweet poignant memory, I will forever take to my grave.

Yesterday, I was working from morning till night.
Hubby had some meeting in the morning and both of us were very sleepy to be awaken so early on a Saturday.
What touched me was the fact that he woke up even earlier to cook Isabella's porridge and then went back to sleep.
I had to take Isabella to work since her babysitter was away and hubby had to work until afternoon.
Hubby had packed her food for me and I just realized that I have forgotten about my baby's food.
Since she is already 1 year old, she can eat my food, rice with fish, or meat, chicken 

We had a fun day at work, Isabella and I.
The best part was, she can walk on her own now so I don't have to worry about my baby crawling on the dirty floor.
I also don't have to carry her around to prevent her from crawling on the floor.
She played by herself with the children toys provided in the clinic, we sand and danced together.
Best working day of the week for me.
My staffs missed Isabella so much since they took care of her right after my confinement.
Isabella felt the same.
So, as they were playing together, I could just chill out.
Super fun.

After Maghrib, hubby surprised me by sending me his home-cooked koeyteow to the clinic.
I thought, I could just eat when I come home.
I mean, driving to the clinic just to drop koeyteow was kind of bothersome.
I thought that was such a romantic surprise.
I was starving anyway hahahaa.
I shared with the nurse and radiographer.
They praised how my husband was one in the million.
I thought to myself, 'hmmm quite right. I am a lucky wife. He does a lot of things to ease my burden. He is a very caring man. A man who can babysit our baby just as well as how I do it is a gem'.

At night, we were having pillow talk after Isabella went to sleep.
He asked me' How long do you think we will stay married?'
It was a question I used to test him multiple time previously hahaha.
Nak balas dendam ke?

I answered with a smile,' I think it will be forever'.
As I laid my left cheek on his chest, he continued,' what if we have obstacles?'
I answered,' Everything in life has obstacles. Every marriage has its challenges so it is a question how we face it and our perseverance'.
He added,' I am patient but you are not'.

I was hit in silence.
I promise to be more patient with you honey.

At times I think my pace is too fast and I expect everyone else around me to cope with me.
All my staffs know that with Dr Hasifah, you have to be fast and competent.
Eventhough, I am close to them, when it comes to working, I demand professionalism.
To think back, since my housemanship days I was very fast that the ward nurses were always in awe.

I gained something from this trip, it was a new appreciation to my husband and family.
I cherish him more and my love for him has doubled up hahahahaha.
The best thing ever.
Feel like we are falling in love all over again just like the dating days.
It must be the Paris air or according to him the London's.
Naahh babe, it must be my beloved Paris hehehe.

So guys, a honeymoon trip for us with kids is not such a bad idea after all.
Like I said in my previous post, we have changed.
We are always busy with work, housechores, children and husband, when do we ever have time to be in love, to walk hand to hand on the beach or just sit at a cafe sipping hot chocolate and just talk about everything but nothing, to just enjoy that carefree moment?
Like the student days? or during the courtship?
Our minds will keep thinking about something, something to do at work, something to do at home.

That 2 weeks of holidays were a total carefree period for me.
I really enjoy it immensely.
Will look forward to my next honeymoon.


  1. Auw so sweet ur hubby.ok ok i shouldn't praise someone's husband when i do have one, right ? hahahaha but ya . couldn't say no especially the cooking part.hehehe.


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