Postcard beauty.. Geneva

Hye everyone.
I want to share our exploration of the Geneva City.
I don't know if you anticipate this.. but it was amazing.
Slapped my face a couple of time.

Can you believe that??
The Alps is making Geneva's background.
Besides, the Leman Lac is drawing the blue color of the sky.
I must be dreaming.
It was the combination of the crystal blue sky and the snow top mountain at the back of the prestigious hotels building was beyond my imagination.
Tell me how many city has the Swiss Alp as it's background.
Crazy splendid.

So it was our second day and also our last day.
We woke up so early.
I was all packed by the time my husband woke up around 7 a.m.
Dressed Isabella's up and entered the shower.
I am planning to check out early and check in to Swiss Air early.
The great thing about Swiss Air is, you can check in 23 hours early before your flight.
So, this is very convinient to travellers who wish to continue sightseeing without rushing to the airport later.
By 9 a.m. everything was checked in and I have only my handbag and Isabella's diaper bag to carry.

I am very thankful that we have our stroller.
I just had to brag to my husband,'told you we need a stroller right?'
Geneva is a baby friendly and stroller friendly.
If you are travelling with a stroller, just use the bus and enter through the middle door.
It is designated for stroller and wheelchair.
They also have compartments for strollers or wheelchair.
The Swiss, they will let you in and even help you lift the front of your stroller.
It wasn't crowded and everyone was comfortable.
The other passengers will not use that space when a stroller is around.
How thoughtful.

The temperature was cold, approximately 11 degree Celcius.

Here we are near Jardin Aglais in front of Lac Leman.
Lac Leman is what we call Lake Geneva.
Lac Leman is the largest lake in West of Europe and it is bordered by France and Geneva.

We took a stroll at Promenade.

And let Isabella stretch her legs.
She enjoyed the Swans and the dried leaves immensely.
Boat ride.
Owh, when you stay in a hotel, you will get a public transport card free of charge.
With that card, you can have unlimited access to the public transport and even get boat rides through Lac Leman.
Owh, I folded my stroller and took it on the boat with me.
You see, the Swiss are just so understanding that they will help make everything easier for you.
Everywhere, I could see people pushing their babies and the strollers they use are the one with big wheels.

Our boat ride.

It was just lovely. The most important thing to us was, Isabella enjoyed her time.
She also had a very long nap on the stroller.
So if you are going to Geneva, take your stroller with you.
You will walk with ease because the long walk is the best way to enjoy a lovely scenery as this one.
Few times, I carried her so that she can see the view from higher post.
Still, I am so glad that my stroller was with me.


  1. best gila wei...awat x tgkp gmbaq dlm bus....apa pun...mmg lawa gmbaq2 hg tgkp ni......

  2. Cantik... The Alps mmg cantik, it really made it all look pretty.. I can tell, kalau tgk in real life mesti rasa in awe punya cantik macamtu.

  3. Huwaa cantik sangat doc.macam dlm.poskad sudah.ok la terus verangan semoga dpt pegi sini nanti :)

    1. LOL insyaAllah boleh sampai nanti. Hehehehe


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