Pretending to be asleep game..

Pretending to be sleeping.
I am sure mothers out there do this a lot with their kids.
Pretending to be asleep.
My flight is tonight and since I am not working today, I am trying very hard to pack our bags.
My husband is having a shoot today and will be back in the evening.
He has not packed anything yet because most of his clothes are with the wardrobe person.
Don't start me on how anxious I am about this.
Hopefully the traffic will be kind today and he can make it on time.

Packing with a baby is how should I say it... an ordeal?? aaa aak too nice, difficult?? hmm yes!! impossible!!
Simply impossible.
She thinks that she is doing mommy a favour by taking out all the carefully rolled clothes in the luggage.
I arranged them in and she pulled them out.
Eeeeiiii geramnya!!
No hubby to help.
She wasn't sleepy as well.
I gave up and started pretending to be asleep.
She still play around the bed and after sometime, she climbed to land on my chest.
Is it working??? I peeped one eye.
I held her as she rested her cheek on my chest and snored.
After 10 minutes, I believed that she was in deep slumber, so I placed her on her pillow and started packing.
One hour later, almost done.
I was sitting at the edge of the bed and suddenly she opened her sleepy eyes and saw me.
I carefully avoided eye contacts and slowly lied down in the bed with my 2 legs on the floor.
Only half of me is lying on the bed.
Closed my eyes and breathed louder.
And walla she snored again back to her sleep.

This technique was taught my dear friend Shazreeyana during one of our lepaking moment.
We were talking, hanging out on the hotel bed while her little girl slept next to her.
Suddenly, she closed her eyes and pretended to be sleeping.
It was weird and confusing.
So she explained.
Now, my husband and I do it to Isabella.

Anyway, do you guys know, I felt strange that these few days Isabella refused breastfeeding.
A new tooth is emerging but that couldn't be the reason right.
She is only 1 year old and I don't want to stop breastfeeding her yet.
And my flight is tonight. I didn't plan to carry formula milk or I don't know, I have never travelled with formula milk so what shall I bring? The flask? The insulated bag?? OMG!! I don't have them.
I usually only carry my boobs along and with nursing cover.

Why la this girl, 2 days before flying, she decided to stop breastfeeding.
I don't even have formula milk at home.
Ughhhh! Stress!
Any tips to make her want again?
Why is sudden change?
I have heard multiple times from my patients how their kids stopped breastfeeding on their own.
They just suddenly refused breast.
Never thought that it would happen to me.

And especially not now!!!


  1. Hi! I read your comment on proudduck and decided to drop by on your blog. It's really informational in a fun way! Your girl in the bag cute sangat... :) I'm still not married but learning early wont hurt i guess :)

    1. Salam, welcome dear. Glad you like it. It never hurts to gain knowledge. Though I merapu sket kat sini. Tq for the compliment:)


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