Flying with a baby?? Hah easy-peasy..

Salam everyone.
I am on transit in Hamad International Airport, Doha awaiting my next transfer to Geneva.
Just want to drop by and update you guys regarding our flight experience with Isabella lastnight.
This is her second flight but the first time she flew, she was 3 months old so she slept the whole time.
So, I was anxious on how this experience will turn out.

Easy sangat.
She was such a well behaved baby, on top of her game, cherry in top.
Which means she can tag along again.

See my pant on fire??

Cut the crap la. I lied.
She wanted to walk around when we were about to take off.
OMG!! I have never ever begged for take off to come so soon.
I was cursing in my mind,' When are we taking off?? How long do you need to warm the engine hahh?? Take off already!! We are so off the schedule like 10 minutes. Hahahaa.
It was all because Isabella hated to be confined with seat belt.
She wanted to get down and when she didn't get her way, she started screaming.
I was this close to take over the cockpit.

Lucky, we took off finally and she didn't want to drink milk.
I was afraid that her ears would hurt.
Thankfully, she was fine.
She was happy jumping from me to my husband back and forth.
She enjoyed looking at others passing by.
It was already passed 2 a.m. so she was already sleepy.
Baby bassinet was provided so she slept throughout the night as always.
That, I was grateful.

My husband and I finally slept at 3.30 a.m. after taking off and Isabella was well asleep.
I hate sleeping in an aeroplane. So uncomfortable unless I fly business ler.

In the morning around 8 a.m. breakfast was served.
The Arabian baby sleeping in a bassinet next to Isabella woke up with small cry.
Isabella woke up as well with a bad mood.
She was still sleepy.
Thus, I shoved my untouched breakfast and walk her along the aisle.
I did everything to make her not cry and disturb others.
We have succeed but I tell you, flying with a baby is exhausting.

Owh!! And when we were about to land, she peed on me.
Bless her.
Imagine how in a rush I was.
The flight attendant was telling my husband and I to sit and I went to change Isabella's clothes and myself.
Rummaging through my hand carry in the flight is so 'tak syok'.
Luckily I was prepared with everything in my oversized handbag.
So, everything is within reach.
Finally it was about to land and again she wants to be active but we had to sit down.
She got really angry.
I gave her milk.
She fell asleep during landing.

Previously when travelling on the flight, I would look at the monitor and know how many miles we have flown, how high about the sea level are we now, 'and owh we are turning, we are going higher above the clouds, we are blablabla.., we are landing soon'.

I can guess what the captain is doing whether he is just buying time until he gets a signal to land safely or that he is making a turn.
I love the mechanism of flying.
I take pleasure in the process.
I love switching to forward camera where I could see what the captainis seeing.
Then spot, 'Owh that is the trail, Each airport has it's own unique landing strip.
So before landing,the pilot would do certain manuevre and I would remember.
I take so much pleasure and pride in witnessing and learning all these experiences.

Lastnight if you ask me how high above sea level we we? Or which cities did we pass? Or what happened during the bumpy ride was it storm or clouds??

I knew nothing.
I didn't even know what time it was and how long more before we would land.
I knew though that Isabella wanted to throw all the journals on the floor.

Despite how organized you are and how much you anticipated the situations, things might arise and just deal with it. That is my tips.

My flight will never ever be the same again.

Goodbye to single me flying experiences.


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