Happiness is a journey to be sought after..

Salam you guys.
How have you been doing?
As for me, we are packing for home.
Today is our last day in Barcelona.
As we were walking at the Port Vell tonight, I asked my husband what he feels about our trip these far..
He answered,'It was great and interesting'.

'Which country do you like most?' I asked.
He answered,'London'.
'Hmm, interesting', I replied.

What I love about these 2 weeks was the fact that I was so free from work.
No stress.
No work.
Got to spend 24/7 with my loved ones.
What a blessing.
I feel so relaxed, chill and happy.
Now, at the end of our journey, we will go home soon.
So sad.
Work will start.
Crazy hectic life.
I wish I could stay like this forever.
But that is not realistic.
Life is like this.
Even the riches work their ass offto stay rich.
Ni kan pula saya. Hehehe.

Anyway, as I walk alongside my husband, I looked at Isabella's happy face.
She was at her peace, content to be carried by her daddy.
It was a long day and she had enough of the stroller.
We took turn to carry her along the beach.
She has grown quite heavy during this trip.
Most of the time, my husband would carry her.
I tried to sit Isabella in her stroller but she started crying.
My husband knew I couldn't carry anymore, thus decided to carry her himself eventhough it was my turn.
He is like that.
Very caring.
He does everything for his child.
She is his top priority and at times I think she is higher on his list than me.
I get jealous at times but I am also happy that I have a husband who is very family oriented, a hands on daddy to my baby.
He can bath her, change her, feed her and do everything that I can do for my baby except breastfee Isabella. Hahhaaha.

As I was thinking about his goodness, I though to myself, 'I am a lucky wife'.
I am a lucky woman.
Am I happy??

Yes, I am happy.
Are you happy with your marriage?
Yes, absolutely.

At that moment, it hit me, how blessed I am.
I have everything that I need her with me, my husband and my baby.
I am blessed.
I am thankful.

I do know one thing, sometimes we need to remind ourselves, about what we have and be grateful.
Humans are never easily satisfied.
We want so many things.
We demand so much from our life, our marriage, our career, kids and husband.
We are demanding.

Still, we have to acknowledge how happy our husbands make us.

So, I quicken my pace, wrap my left hand over his elbow and placed my cheek tenderly on his shoulder.
He turned his face, startled.
I knew he was surprise.

'Because I love you', was all I said inside.

I kept quiet.
And we just stroll slowly along the beach and continue our chat.

Allah has answered my prayer.
Everything that we do in life has to have a noble purpose and at the same time we have to ask Allah.
To not pray, to not request from Him is a sign of arrogance, as I heard the Ustaz was saying.

So, before we came here, I prayed to Allah,' To please make this trip a fruitful trip for our love and marriage. To please Allah bless this journey. May it strengthen our love and marriage. May it helps prepare us for our future challenges. May it makes us strong as we face obstacles in our marriage by reminding us when the time comes, on how much love we have for each other. May we never surrender to need of Satan'.

And He did.

I feel connected more than ever to my husband.
Life as a couple is different than as a husband and wife.
As a boyfriend and girlfriend, you have much responsibility.
When you are married, there are so much on your plate that you are no longer that carefree, so in love girl.
You have no time to 'layan jiwang'.

Now, I am that free girl again.

'Owh sayang, engkaulah jejaka idaman'.

Hahahaha do you know, that was my favourite somg when I was a medical student.
It was old, funny and cheeky.
I used to make my classmate laughed when I sang it outloud in the class after tired of reading.
It always cheer me up and made my friends laughed.

Okay darlings.

Take care.
Lots of love from me.


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