Severe Jet lagged

Salam everyone,
We have safely arrived in Malaysia yesterday at 2 p.m. by Qatar airways.
I can't tell you how relieved we were.
Travelling was fun but after 2 weeks of it, believe me it was exhausting.
We couldn't be happier to be back at home.
It was hot in Malaysia as always, hehehe and we felt very sticky after more than one day of journey.
After reaching home, we cleaned ourselves and had a short rest on the bed before sending Isabella to her babysitter.
We had to get some rice inside our tummy and our choice would be the spicey Tomyam.
hmmm nyumnyum.
Isabella recognized her sitter immediately and she was more than happy to see her sitter and the husband.
They both have really pampered her so much.

So my husband and I had a nice meal over the Thai restaurant in P15.
We talked, laughed and teased each other.

It was a great holiday.
The 3 of us went to bed early lastnight only to wake up at 12 m.n. because of jetlagged.
Including our little angel.
We went back to sleep at 3 a.m. so you could imagine how rushing I was to work today hehehehe.
Still sleepy I am quite Ting Tong now.
However lastnight, we were just talking about our next destination. LOL.
Now that is something to look forward.
Here is my collection of photos in Barcelona.
When we climbed Parc Guell.

Isabella at the Hammad airport, Doha.
She is always on the go hahahaha and we were exhausted taking her for a walk.

Okay guys I don't know if I make sense now because It feels like I am rambling.
Will write more when I feel refresh again hehehe.
For now, have a good day.


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