A clue in Barcelona

This morning we woke in Barcelona.
What a transformation from the gloomy, wet,rainy, cold Paris to this
bright, sunny, warm Barcelona.

We took a cab from the Barcelona airport at 8.45 a.m. and headed to the airport.
We were always the last person to collect our luggage in Europe.
I notice how quickly they distribute the luggage.
By the time you walked out from the ship and reach the baggage collection belt, your bags will be ready.
For us who always stop at the restroom to change Isabella's diaper, we would be arriving to a crowdless belt with our bags waiting.
They are super efficient.
One more thing, we were worried regarding the handling of our stroller so I ordered a bag from the Amazon for protection.
I have read bad reviews on how the stroller were never the same again even when you checked in at the gate.
Based on my experiences in 4 airports, the strollers are handles as 'special baggage' and were to be collected not together with the rest of luggage.
They were handled with care.
I am so happy that our stroller is still fit as ever.

Barcelona has a subtropical-Mediterranean climate.
Thus, it makes you feel like you are in the Middle east.

See Spain and how close it is to Africa.
Near Algeria and Libya which means they have similar climate.
That is why Barcelona planted so many palm tree instead of the oak or maple tree in Paris.
Nevertheless, Barcelona is so beautiful.
Peaceful, less crowd, less cold, less cloud which let us wear lighter clothes.
Paris is very crowded, very packed, very busy thus it made us joining the Parisian fast rhythm.
it is a relax and chill rhythm.
Less car in comparison to Paris.
Still crowded but if you compare to Paris, you will say Barcelona is almost empty.
Our hotel is at La Ramblas.
It is one of the main attraction here.
She got to feed the Ah Birds and pet them.
When she saw the birds crowding around her, she screamed 'Oo Wow!!'
She then started chasing after the docile birds.
We were enjoyed her happy moment so much.
Anothe Muslim couples.
It is so good to see Muslims everywhere.
They are in London, Paris, Geneva and Barcelona.
They covered themselves well even living in a non Muslim's land.
She spotted the fountain.
See how determined she dragged her daddy.
climbing the wall.

Then, daddy said it is time to go.
Go shopping.
Barcelona is even more baby friendly and stroller friendly.
After the unfriendly underground in Paris, we are so glad with Barcelona.
So far, all the underground stations that we visited provided lifts upto the streets.
Very convenient.
So if you have a baby, never hesitate to visit Barcelona because it is even more baby friendly than London itself.
At first, we couldn't find any halal food cafe at all.
It was in the evening and we were both starving.
As we walk along the Ramblas, passing KFC, we saw how cheap it was.
My husband said how much he missed eating fried chicken.
But it is non halal.
What do we do?
I told him we are not 'darurat' yet to eat non halal.
We stood in front of the KFC restaurant discussing what is the consequences of eating non halal food.
We were starving. We haven't had any meal since we landed except 2 croissants from the bakery in the morning.
Told him it will form our body, our heart and seeds for the future children.
Hubby said,'Ishk jangan-jangan. Lets go then'.
So we walked away as I said, but I am hungry'.
We weren't going to eat non halal but we were just being hungry LOL.
Suddenly, a guy passed by and hubby stopped him to ask for direction and as it turned out he was not a local.
He was an Arab tourist.
Immediately hubby asked him about halal restaurant.
He quickly pointed to the direction of Istanbul Restaurant knowing how hungry I was.
He was very kind and greeted us with Salam as we separated.

We were like,'MasyaAllah. Allah is so great. He knows how much we were in distress and immediately he sent a clue, a messanger. It was like, let me test you guys, if you are patient, and walk away from the delicious non halal KFC advertisement, I will guide the way'.

And just 2 steps away from the building, we met this guy.
Even a simple gesture like this remind me how much Allah helps us in everyway.

Hubby's version was like this,' Baik aku hantar orang tolong budak Cipah ni sebab dia ni nampak lapar sangat. Satgi dia ni goyahlah. Kesian tengok'.

God speak Kedahan.

Anyway, the food in Istanbul restaurant was simply amazing so was the price.Hahahhaha.
But we were satisfied and happy with the food.
It was way better than any of the KFC meal.

Okay guys, Tata.
Owh in Barcelona we say, Adios.


  1. This is why I love reading your stories, cukup detail u bagi penerangan... no need for me to do extra work google or whatever to get the "picture" :D keep it up, keep it coming :)

  2. Aduh barcelona pulak.dah mcm gps tracking dah i ni follow u.best la.

  3. Cippppp....
    dalam byk2 europe country aku pling gigih la duk kata kt laki aku...bila la nk p spain ni...bila la nk p spain ni...aku ni mmg teringin sgt la...smpai gatai2 la duk belajaq speaking espana....
    nak tgk Real Madrid fav team aku tu.....
    btw, p madrid dak wei??

  4. aku tak p real. Kami mai barcelona saja. Laki aku Barca hahahhaha


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