My mini me

Yesterday, I went home realizing that I didn't the house key with me.
It was 10.30 at night and Isabella was with me.
Hubby was still on the way from Shah Alam.
So, I decided to take Isabella for a short drive my parents house.
A neigbourhood next to our precint.
It was 11 at night and my mom was still facing her laptop working late as she has been doing all these years.
That is the price that you have to pay for climbing higher in a government ministry.
A whole bunch of workload which means continuing the work at home every day.
I told her before that her life kind of sucks and it sucks being a boss.
She agreed.
Anyway, she was so happy to see her only grandchild.
I know they don't get to see each other enough what with my schedule and hers so tight.
Isabella was so happy chasing her cats and climbing in her Opah that it warmed my heart seeing that moment.
My father commented how Isabella reminds him of me when I was at that age.
I could play on my own and from time to time I would lift up my head to check if my daddy was still around.
It is true, I remember that and Isabella is just like me in that sense.

Isabella is a tough girl.
She doesn't get scared of strangers and she can mingle with people very fast.
Anyone can hold her as long as the person is not you know messy, unruly.
She doesn't like fat guy with beard.

She loves attention.
Everytime there is a crowd, she would go and sit in the centre.
Then, she would come out with so many cute tricks to capture audience's attention.
When everybody cheers or laughs, she would clap her hand and laugh.
They love her even more.

She is also a fierce girl.
Try take things from her hand and she might slap your hand with a loud scream.
My babysitter just told me yesterday, how Isabella hit her 3 years old niece for disturbing her.
The girl ran and cried to her mama.

The girl was touching Isabella's ribbon tied the fringe.
At first, Isabella let her and sat still.
She came to touch again, yet Isabella let her.
The third time, she touched, Isabella hit her hand.
So garang.
You don't want your kid to be garang but deep in my heart, I knew she is me.
If she is, she will go to school with a stamp onher forehead 'don't mess around with me kids'.
According to her babysitter, it is better that Isabella can stand up for herself.
Isn't it too soon for her to start standing up for herself?

God help the man who wants her in the future.
Too much drama and too complicated.

I have created a mini me.


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