Che Ta's cute doll.

Yesterday, it was all about JdT vs Pahang.
Like I care.
My husband cared though.
I on the other hand cared about the fact that Che Ta just gave birth to such an adorable baby.

How cute is she?
I personally think that she has her father's skin but her cheeks and chin look like her mommy.
Isn't she as cute as her mommy but the rosy cheeks definitely from daddy.

Now seeing this photo suddenly I felt... Okay maybe I am ready to get pregnant again.
Not sure.
Scared?? Yes of course.
So I asked hubby last night.
It was clear to both of us before that we don't want another baby until Isabella is atleast 1.
Then, we might be considering.
So after seeing Che Ta's cute dolly baby, he said yes.
Meaning I can stop my pill anytime soon when I am ready.
This time, we will want a baby boy if possible.
For us, Oral Contraceptive Pills are our savior.
We have no discipline whatsoever for Calendar Method.
And once I stop my pill, the next month or 2, we will be pregnant.

So, insyaAllah the pills will stop next year and with Allah's Will, we will get new joy.
I just love seeing sibblings' love like displayed by Dr Halina's girls.
Seeing them play and learn from each other is just make me start forgetting labour and pregnancy hassle.

But having 2 kids, not easy right??
Should I stop pills or not??


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