2015 's determination..

Today is the last day of 2014.
It is exciting.
And not.
Exciting that there will be new opportunities in 2015, new steps and new achievements.
Not excited because I will turn 30 soon.
Hahahahahhahahahaha (nervous laugh)
So old!!!
I don't feel 30 at all.
I fell very 25 ish hehehe.

What I wish for my 2015:-
1)To prioritize my family-
To me work is very important but I wish that 2015 is the year when I can spend more time with my husband and baby. 2014 has been a super busy year for me that I didn't spend that much time with them. Isabella is getting wiser and I can see that she needs me more now than before.
I will try to arrange my schedule to fit them better.

2)To rest more.
It is just like the above statement. 2014 means very few days off for me, almost lack of rest.
2015 will bring more rest days for me.

3)Take care of my health.
When you work more than you sleep or rest, your body tires down and I feel lethargic and unwell.
I also caught flu too many time and I think my immune system has weakened due to lack of rest.
My skin looks pale now with eyebags.
My husband is worried looking at me.
So 2015, I will schedule rest day, eat good food, schedule exercise time, and get supplement for nutrition.
I need to be discipline in taking them.
Before, I was still young so my body can replenish well but reaching 30 soon, my regeneration will become slower and need some assistant as well.
I can feel that I get tired more easily these days.

4)I want to better myself as a Muslim. To spend time reading about Islam just as much as I read about the world's knowledge or maybe more.
I want to learn more about Islam and to prepare myself for The Judgement's Day.
As I am older, I realized that I have been too focused on wealth of the world but lack of preparation for the everlasting day.
It is good to read about anything but I should learn more on the knowledge of Islam.
I have always love reading the religious book but due to the demand of world and career, it became less since I started working.
I spend more time reading about science.
That should not be it because to be successful in life and eternity, is through Al-Quran and Takwa.
Which means, to achieve every dream, you have to be a devoted Muslimah first.
Not just the one who pray 5 times a day.
I knew that but being human, I forgot at times.
I am determined to better myself in 2015. InsyaAllah.
Pray for istiqamah,

5)Be a better wife.
I want to be more patient with my husband, more understanding and to treat him better.
At times, I do take him for granted.
It is because of our schedule that we see each other less and spend less time together.
I want to change all that. I want to be with him more, to love him more and care for him.
My dream is to be a devoted wife to my husband through Allah S.W.T.
To make him proud of having a wife like me so that I can be his fortress from the face of devils.
To appreciate him and our love as long as Allah permits us to be together and may we meet again in Jannah. InsyaAllah.

6)To read more books to Isabella and to teach her more about life.

7)To achieve financial freedom.

8)To read more books.

2014 wasn't easy for my family but we made through. I achieved everything that I wanted through hard work.
Now I want more.
More as a Muslim and as a servant of Allah.

Because nothing lasts forever except your blessings and good deeds.
Therefore, we should achieve both.
To be successful in The Judgement Day and to be be successful in this world as well.
So that is my 2015 determination.
May Allah ease my path and gives me Taufik and Hidayah.


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