10 things I admire about Vivy Yusof(Fashion Valet)

As we all know, or maybe to some of you who don't, there was Raikan Wanita last night on Astro Prima at 9.30 p.m. featuring Ms Vivy Yusof the founder of Fashion Valet.
I was at work when I found out.
During break time, I went home to set the decoder to record because I will be back at home only after 11 p.m.
I have been waiting to watch her on tv.
I also follow her blog, instagram and read all the interviews on her.
The most recent one was in edgy.com about her Midas Touch.
Seriously, whatever Vivy touch turns into gold.
They say, anything that she wears on social media, will be sold out immediately.
She just have an aura of elegance and simplicity.
She is such an inspiration to young woman an icon, example how woman this generation have to be, successful career wise, brilliant, loving and family oriented but at the same time always classy and smart.

I was telling my husband last night 'Why I admire Vivy?'

1)Her courage- She was courageous enough to be a pioneer in online business when others were still unfamiliar about this business.

2)Her vision- She was able to see the future, the market for online shopping. When she first started, online shopping was not yet popular in Malaysia, and Asia. She wasn't deterred.

3)She has a hunger to prove herself and to win- She is from a very wealthy family so she will never be poor. However, she set out to create her own future and wealth on her own without the help of her father. If she stayed in her father's company, sooner or later she would have climbed so high up in the post.
That is the much easier way than starting something from scratch.

4)She has always  known what she wanted in life and where her passion was.

5)She is smart- She has always been a clever, smart girl since the school days but now she has proven to be smart in business as well.
Smart on books and smart in life are two different things.

6)Perseverance- Her ability to brave through the hardship of handling her own business and waddling through the storm.

7)She is creative and innovative- Always coming out with new ideas, new collaboration, thinking forward and wider everytime.

8)Her personality- kind, humble and very loving. She only has good thing to say about everyone. She loves her family and friends dearly and they love her equally. Your family will always love you but friends? Friends loyalty and love are a reflection on how we treat them. For her to deserve such love from her friends, she must have been a great friend indeed.

9)Stylish- I love her sense of style and most of all her ability to look neat and smart everywhere she goes even when she has a baby with one more coming. It takes a lot of effort for a mother to look that stylish.

10)However successful she is, however busy she gets, I can see that she keeps her marriage and love to her husband above everything else. It is a reminder to me, that being a career woman doesn't make you higher than your husband.

She is an amazing girl.
One of my top inspirational woman to watch.
She reminds me that yes you can have it all.
You can be successful, beautiful, loving and yet kind and humble.
Kindness is a virtue.

I will continue watching her closely to see more of her future achievements.
I am sure of it.

As a woman, I am very proud of her.
The most important thing is that she inspires me to be courageous as well.
Nothing is impossible.


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