Making childhood and motherhood super fun

It was a fun Saturday for Isabella and I.
I have been very busy for the whole week, so I thought to make it up to her over the weekend.
You know, the working mommy guilt.
Like most working mother would say, there is no such thing as the best formula, we just do our best and hope to God they were the right thing.

I took Isabella to Parkson Alamanda.
She started running to the Car section.
Chose the biggest sports car in a box and tried to lift it.
Owh no!!
I lifted her away to the soft toys.
This girl always love cars but she is a girl.
I have forbidden my husband from buying her a truck.
No way!!

Luckily, she was interested. She chose Elsa. Hmmm, baby also got the Frozen fever ke??
Chose her toy finally.
She is 1 year and 2 months now.
She can count 1 to 3, she knows more words each day.
Her babysitter was telling me the other day that Isabella is so bright.
She catches everything very quickly.
Fast learner.

I smiled.
Because I knew it is not just Isabella, every child is a fast learner.
It is whether the parents are letting them explore and be inspired or not that makes the differences.

When her babysitter holds a book in her hands, Isabella will lie down, waiting for a story, she explained.
I told her that whenever I hold a book, I will tell Isabella a story.
These days, whenever we off the light and Isabella lie next to me, I will create a story to tell her in the dark.
It could be anything, from a princess to a handicapped monster. Hehehehe.
She actually listen until she falls asleep.

She owns my heart.
Being a mom is really the best thing in the world.
Especially now that she is learning to talk.
She is making a conversation with us in her own language.
It is so funny and cute hearing her small voice.

This was taken at the playground.I just discovered that she really enjoy the slide.
It was a surprise to find a slide for babies here in Alamanda.
Will make it a routine to take her here.

My point is, we can teach our kids anything.
We just need to be creative.
Lets make motherhood and childhood super fun for us, mothers and for our children.
Peace out!


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