Fashionvalet spotted

I was listening to a patient about her rumbling tummy and suddenly she exclaimed,'Doctor, is that a duckscarves?? So pretty. What color is it?'
Excuse my tired face..

I took me a moment to realize that ducscarves cannot be a part of stomachache and diarrhea.


I then noticed that she was wearing a Milktee top from fashionvalet as well.
So I commented on that.
We both laughed about how much we spend our time browsing the website to the extend we can spot the product so easily.

I have seen ladies coming to the clinic with Sofina as their arm candies.
Everytime I would ask about their review.
Each one would say that 'It was worth the 3 months wait'.

Hmm, very tempting. Maybe next time, I will join in for next batch Sofina.

Ss for now, I am waiting for my Mimpikita box top. Can't wait!!!
Cepat ler..

Okay enough with the trivial.
I would like to intriduce Mr Bunny to you.

He has been our daily visitor at home. Resting and chilling under the plants in my garden.
Yesterday, I let Isabella watched  me feeding Mr Bunny.
Maybe next time I will let her try:)
Come again Mr Bunny:)


  1. I've never tried duckscarves.i dunno.maybe cos i think its kinda messy/difficult to put.but,seeing u with duckscarf makes me wanna give me a try.bad influence hahaha.

    1. hahaha yeke? It is actually very easy because the material simply float around you.Senang nak bentuk. Hehehehe. bad influence haha


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