Books I bought...Big Bad Wolf..

Big Bad Wolf is here!!!
Isn't this the best time ever??
I specially took a day off to date with hubby and Isabella at the Big Bad Wolf Miecc.
As always, we were very satisfied with our purchases.
Spent 4 hours going around the place.
This year my husband and I had the same interest in cook books.
We discussed about which cook books to buy and what type of food.
Got cook books for kids, pastries and cakes, Italian recipes and other western as well.
Gonna be diva chef soon hahahaha.

We also bought books on gardening.
I just love when we have the same interest.
Can you spot my yoga book in the basket?
I never liked yoga before because I like to be fast and in pain.
Yoga to me was boring.
However, at this age, I guess slow and relaxing should be fine.
I need to steal moments for meditation and to relax my system.
Who knows, maybe I will love yoga soon.
Got plenty of children's books.
Got for Isabella books on Sirah.
It will be her bedtime story.
I remember how much I loved the books on prophets when I was a little girl.
I would spend hours in my room readiing every new book my dad bought for me.
I didn't have toys. My books were my favourite toys.
According to my dad, I got tired of toys very quickly but books, I would carry them around before I could even read.

Surprise ! surprise! Isabella is just like me.
According to her babysitter, she doesn't play with her soft toys but she carries her books everywhere.
That's my girl.
I actually stopped buying teddy bears for her.
She just threw them away.
One night, I came back from work and found my baby girl sleeping next to her flashcards with a ball in her hand.
It was so funny.
It must be tiring for her studying so hard.

My husband told me that she carried the violin card and the ball everywhere and ended up sleeping with them.

Yesterday, Isabella was in her carseat on the way to the new IOI mall and she saw a car entering a parking spot and she shouted 'car! car!' pointed to the car.

Her proud daddy said, 'Her voice is so cute and soft when she said the word car'.

So, she has been listening to me whenever I showed her the cars during the drive.
She was just too lazy to answer.

Okay, gonna continue my read now. Few more pages to finish:)


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