Good morning yoga

As I promised, today I woke up early to Yoga.

So I took my old yoga mat outside.
My yoga book next to me in case I forgot the sequences.
I am actually used to yoga since med school.
I attended yoga classes regularly so the book is just a reminder after leaving the steps for so long.

It was quiet and fresh.
All I heard was the wind chime clicking and the birds chirping.
It was all peaceful and I really enjoyed that connection between my mind and my body.

And she came down.
Took the car keys and house keys.
She pushed the chair and hit my back.
She crawl under me during the pose.
She practised baby yoga next to me.
Hubby joined in decided to do plank on my matt.
I had to squeeze for him.
It suddenly became family exercise time.
I couldn't hear anymore birds.
All I hear was the sound of the keys clicking and being dropped on the floor.

Still, I managed to complete all the pose and finished.
The last part was meditation.
My mind was empty, totally blank.
All I felt was my own breathing.
Close your eyes and think of nothing.
That was an escape.
My short getaway.
My body got her relief.

Sharing with you some yoga pose I did.
I took them from google because mine was aurat. Hahahhaa.
Strengthen your back and abds.
Thanks to my coach in university, I can do this anytime.
great for backpain.
favourite pose.
Baby crawling under.

Had to imagine that my view was this pretty.
It is all in the mind. Hehehehe.
pity me.
Meditation for final touch.
Gonna train Isabella to be my yoga partner.

Happy yogaing ladies:)


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