Dull skin.. gone

I am finally feeling like myself again.
I mean rested and catching up with daily life routine.

You know when you come back from travelling, your skin will act up.
You will get pimples, skin become dull and flaky, uneven.
Waaa!Hate that.
I went to work right after my trip and the nurses all asked,'doctor, are you unwell? You look ill'.
I looked tired, with panda eyes.
A week later they asked me,'doctor, what happened to your skin? Your face was always very fair, and shiny like a lamp'.

Exact words.
They said now my skin become dull.
It hit me like a slap.Hehehe.
I knew what they meant because when I looked in the mirror, I didn't like my skin.
I really appreciated my healthy skin. Sigh. I missed it now.
Seriously, having a healthy skin means no make up.
I am not a fan of putting makeup.
I like it simple, quick and professional.

Anyway, I went home and scrub my face regularly and applied clay mask immediately.
No more excuse.
After a week, they all said,'Your skin is beautiful again. So jealous how quick your skin works'.
I know right?

Thank God.
And thanks to Loreal Revitalift.
What a magical set of products.
I swear that I only use these products.

Yeay!! I am back to ootd now.
I am well rested, adjusted to my schedule and feeling healthy again.


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