Perempuan mata keranjang or lelaki?

Perempuan mata keranjang.

When we were in Europe, I told my husband this, 'Lets compare which country has prettier ladies okay'.
My girlfriends and I, we did this whenever we visited new places. Compare girls and boys.

That means, we have to really pay attention in order to nominate which country as the winner.

It is very difficult to play this game with my husband because he doesn't pay attention.
Except to his daughter which he calls, his girlfriend.

Anyway, one time we were in a supermarket getting groceries in Paris, there was this hot Asian-Caucasian mix chic.
She looked like Chinese or Japanese but with a Caucasian features as well.
Not that tall, just my height, long straight black hair, slim body with beautiful shapely legs cladded in a black mini skirts.
She was an attractive lady.
The word beautiful maybe doesn't suit her but attractive, interesting, unique and hot, pretty.
Okay she caught my interest.
I mean, when someone made me turn my head for a second look, that is a pretty rare thing.
But for a third look so that I could assess what was it about her that I found intriguing, she must be something, to me.

Then I spotted my husband walking towards me with a trolley and the pretty, hot girl in short tight skirt with shapely legs were walking towards him.
I just peepped in between the shelf just to see his reaction.
I mean seriously I don't mind if he look.
Guys looking at pretty girls, of course they shoul. Even girls look at handsome guys.
However, giving a lusting look is a different story.

So, yea the girl walked passed him and he kept looking at the groceries on the shelf.
I wasn't sure if he saw her because he just acted as if she didn't exist.
No second look.
Not even a long first look.

I rushed to him and asked,'Syg, did you notice that pretty girl?'

His reaction,'Sape? Mana?' Uninterested.

'Ala, the girl who just passed you just now. Sexy giler. Did you see her legs? Jealousnya', hahahaha that was how I used to talk to my girlfriends before. As I said to my husband before, now he is my bestfriend so he has to have girl talks with me'.

His reply was,'Hmmm, biasa saja. To me, thats not my kind of look. Not pretty'.

Okay now you just criticize my evaluation of prettiness Mr.

I was angry and said,' You suck at this girls-talk- game. I don't think you even know what pretty means'.

I guess he is not a suitable candidate to play which country has the most beautiful girls since he is not 'mata keranjang' at all.

But ladies, just peep and check your hubby and boyfriend from time to time.
Not that we don't trust them.
We just want to know their characters on a deeper layer hehehehe.

Anyway, today I went to Subway and the guy who made my sandwich was rather handsome.
And that moment reminded me of this story in Paris.
I guess I am more mata keranjang than my husband.
Not saying I was staring at him.
I was smiling the entire time while waiting for my sandwich as I was reminiscing about this.
Good thing Allah made him blind to pretty girls hahahahahhaa.


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