Women are amazing..

Today I want to talk about us..women

Don't you feel amazed by what we can do?

We can be a mom and a wife and still achieve our dream, be successful in our own career.
We take care of everyone and tries to not sacrifice anyone in our way to achieve our dream.

Women these days are strong and a multitasker.

Another lady who really inspire me is Ivanka Trump.
She is the only daughter of Mr Donald Trump and is the Executive Vice President of the Development and Acquisition at The Donald Trump Organization.
Such high post and only 33 years old.
Yes she was born rich but she still worked for her bills in high school.
She was lucky to be born in a rich family but she still work hard each day to prove that she has what it takes to be where she is.

She is the principal of Ivanka Trump Fine Jewellery, Ivanka Trump lifestyle where she sells collections of shoes, suits, fragrances and everything to cater for career women in a reasonable price.
Her latest project is launching the website 'Women who work'.
It is about women who work so hard and still manage to take care of their family.

A brilliant business woman.
You will see a photo of her like this.
And the next is this.
Two different role.
And she always make them work for her and her family.
She has vision and determination.
She is a workaholics. That I know.
And a loving mother.

A woman of style.

Someone who is playful and fun.
She inspires me to be better at work and to be a great mother.

She  is such an intelligent icon with brilliant head on her shoulder in term of business and life. She juggles between career and family and she does it well. Very inspiring young woman.

          The women these days are such powerful women that we can balance between our career, success and most important, family. We are such multitasker. We dream big and still take care of everyone. That is why this website is for us.

           It might be painful for men to swallow this but the world has changed.

         When I told my husband this..how woman this generation is just superb with high earning. We are powerful and strong.

           He kept quiet and disagreed.

Then, I told him to name one woman that he knows, who aren't a multitasker, who aren't strong??

He paused...

            And said, you are right. Women are strong and multitasker.

My example was simple, your mother (my mother in law) she raised her 6 children and baked cookies, sew clothes, babysit for neighbours and did all sort of things to help support her husband. In the end all her children became successful, enough to be independent, enough to take care of their parents, enough to contribute back to the society.

Next example was my sister in law. She and her husband are young entrepreneurs, who started a business when it was monopolized by the Chinese. They knew what they could offer and persevere. After 2 years, they gained reputation and trust amongst people and their business prosper.
My sister in law, Nieyta Yahya juggles between raising her 2 toddlers and managing her own company. She somehow does not send them to babysitter at all. She would drive in between the kindergarten, her workshop and home according to the kids schedule. It is very tiring but business is demanding, so does the children. She basically is the boss, the driver, the mother, the cook, the one who does groceries, the babysitter and everything.
It is very admirable how she makes everything work for her and her family. I know how tired she is but she kept going.

So, you see, every woman is admirable. Every woman is just amazing.
We are just amazing.

I am so thrill when I found out that Ivanka has started this website www.IvankaTrump.com
'Women who work'. It is where she gathers successful women to share what works for them how do they juggle their career and family, how do they reach this high.
It is amazing right to be able to learn from other women.

They inspire me, keep me on my toes.
I want to be that successful. To be better in my career and best wife and mother.
At the same time I want to achieve my dream, to be proud of myself.

I know all of you are just like me.
I hope this post makes you appreciate who you are, amazing woman.
And to be inspired.


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