My dream and wish for 2015

Today is the 28th of December.
In a few days time, we are leaving 2014.
Emerging into a new year.

In the amidst of all the chaos of disasters happening in Malaysia, I almost forgot about the new year.

I was telling my husband that for next year, I have made a wish to Allah.
An intention (niat).
And Nazar.

I feel that my heart has been pulled tightly like a siren song calling me.
It started from this year but I wasn't convince, I wasn't sure, I thought I wasn't ready.
Isn't that the whispers from the devils themselves.

This time, I really want to step foot to the House of Allah, to come and visit, to see the grave of our Anbiya and Rasulullah.
To tell stories about them to Isabella,so that she will grow up remembering and loving the Sirah as much as I do.
I want her to experience the Magnificent of Allah's creation.

I told my husband that if I have the health and wealth (rezeki), I want to do Umrah with him, Isabella and my family.

He said, maybe we will not be ready financially next year.
I told him that it is okay because of the intention, InsyaAllah, there is a way.
I hope it will come true.

So, this is one of of my 2015 dream and wish.

What is yours??


  1. Hi! A very big dream... InshaAllah. If we want it so bad, we'll work for it :) Just like any other swimming instructor, I wish to have my own swimming pool. Financial, yes. Financial is the biggest constraint now.

    1. InsyaAllah. If the intention is good and sincere, I believe Allah will make it easier for us.


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