Training Isabella to sleep alone..

Isabella has turned 1 year and 2 months yesterday.
I have started training her to sleep in her baby cot.
Her cot is attached to our bed.
However since she was 4 months old, due to night breastfeeding, I let her sleep next to me.
I was too lazy to wake up and lift her out of the cot and breastfeed her.
These days, she doesn't wake up that many times for milk.
Maybe one or twice, I can't really remember because all these while I breastfeed her while sleeping.

These days, she has been too active in our bed at night, to the extend that I found my husband sleeping with half of his body in the floor, only above waist on the bed.
Poor guy.
We always wake up with bodypain and that is not good for us.

I have thought of the right time for her to sleep on her own.
I am thinking of 2 years old.
I want her to be separated from our room by the age of 2 years.
I think parents privacy is a priority.
After all I am sensing she knows what we are doing at night.
I mean I don't want to take risk of my baby knowing that her parents were having naughty games at night.

I think that is a priority for parents.
I have heard stories how 3-4 years old kids in a very established kindergarten trying to play 'mommy and daddy'.
Lucky the teacher caught early.
They don't know what it is but kids they learn through immitation.
How sure are we that they don't wake up when we are in the middle of it and they don't look.

No sex life?
Yea, not me. Never!
Sex life is very important for husband and wife.
It is a bond that keeps you tighter than ever.
Besides, it is good for health.
You might think that I am a bit frank on this, well I am a doctor, I only speak of the fact.
Besides, I have seen people naked too many times to be embarassed on this topic.

So, yea don't sacrifice your sex life for the sake of your kids because your marriage and love is what shelter your children and family.

Isabella has started sleeping on her cot every night.
It started with only 2 hours at night and now it steadily increased.
At first she could detect when we were not next to her.
I guess the smell and our heat were absent.
However,after several days, she could sleep alone longer.
I would breastfeed her at 3 a.m. and put her back into her cot.

I told my husband that by the age of 2 years old, Isabella has to sleep in her own room and he agrees.
Every parent has different aggreement on this, I know but I guess everyone does what work for them.


  1. Am smiling over reading this post.but yeah ,its still trying to separate my gurl and i found its kinda difficult since she already 2 years plus.shud start it really early.sigh

    1. Hahahaha. I am going to miss Isabella once she no longer sleeps next to us. I was telling my husband the other day. Nowadays, eventhough her cot is attached to our bed, I am still taking my time to close my eyes. Just looking at her face, touching that soft cheeks and kissing her. At times I accidently woken her up. Missing her already. Clinging mommy kan kita ni??


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