When in Rome

Isabella is not feeling well.
She has a fever.
I came back from work lastnight and my husband told me that her body felt hot.
He has bathed her to cool the temperature.
I checked her temperature, it was 38'.
After a dose of paracetamol, her body cooled down.
She was quiet and clingy.
All she wanted was to have me around her.
Felt sorry for her.
I guess 2 more of her upper teeth are erupting.
Anyway, I am not working today.
Decided to stay in bed with my baby.
It has been a while since my last holiday.

She is feeling better today.
No more fever but still not active like her usual self.

So what I did today was, I watched 'When in Rome'.
I have been meaning to watch this few years ago ehen it came out.
I just didn't have the time.
Few days ago it was playing on Astro so I had it recorded.
I really love romantic comedy.
It was a movie about a girl who has given up on love and suddenly had 5 guys chasing after her skirts.
As it turned out, she was in Rome recently and has picked the thrown coins in the fountain of love.
The coins belonged to those men.
Legend has it, whoever kept the coins, the owner of the coins would fall in love with the coin keepers.
Amongst those 5 guys, there was a man who fell head over heel for her since Rome but she thought it was because of the coin.
It was a torcher for her because she realized that she has fallen for him at the same time she feared that his love was not real. That it was because of the magic fountain.
The truth was, he never threw any coin into the fountain at all.
Their love was real.
She has finally found her prince charming.
And I went marshmallow all inside hehehe.
I love happy ending.
They set a good mood for me after watching the movie.
I am a forever that little girl who believed in fairy-tale love.
I am just that way.
It keeps me happy and hopeful.

Okay, back to taking care of my sleeping baby.


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