How to make your children love reading..

Good morning,
This week is my last busy week.
From next month, I am really cutting down the hours as a doctor and will focus on my family and business.
Like they say, multitasking is not the best thing.
Yesterday as I dropped Isabella at her babysitter's place she suddenly ran towards me, crying.
Like a child who was left behind.
I bend down and hugged, kissed her.
She stopped.
Then, she closed the door so that I couldn't go.

I found that there were some days when she acted rebellious according to her babysitter.
Those would be the weeks when my husband and I are super busy and we only picked her at 10.30 at night.
Babysitter would say that she was in a bad mood, angry mood at night.
When she was with us, she was such a happy girl.
Totally different.
I don't know this side of her, the moody and angry girl. However, I do understand that is her rebellious side probably yearning more hours with her parents.
So, I am cutting down my hours.
Gonna lay back and rest more.
I seriously can't wait.

Anyway, I want to share with you Isabella's favourite book.
It is called 'Where is Baby's Valentine'.
When you choose a book, choose according to your child's age.
If she is as young as Isabella, pick a book with attractive, big pictures and only few words.
Try to get a creative book such as the one with moving pictures or the flip flap like the book above.
It is about a baby who made a heart shape for her mother and she misplaced it.
So now she is looking for it.
You can flip flap the picture of the cupboard, the door, pillow and etc.
Add in the elements of surprises when you tell the story.
Isabella just giggled when it wasn't baby's valentine after she flipped the picture.
When I am not reading to her, she will just browse the book on her own reading to herself.

This is one way to install a love for reading and books.
Remember, someone who reads holds the key to the entire universe (knowledge) so that is why we want our kids not to know everything at this tender age, instead of just to love learning.
So that when they enter school, they will love books, knowledge and schools.
Towards the making of excellent Muslim in the future. InsyaAllah.
Okay got to get ready to work.
Have a good day.


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