To be excellent, you have to start from small (Teach your children)

Today, Isabella is not feeling well so mommy have to stay at home.
She was so energetic yesterday at nenek's place and as soon as she came home and saw mommy, she suddenly showed how unwell she became.
All rashes on her trunk and face.
I think it was just heat rash due to running all over kampung hehehe.
So I applied Calamine lotion.

Anyway, I want to share with you few games you can enjoy with your children.
Manye parents still believe that kids should learn through books or flash cards and you know sit still and study.
I don't blame you because nobody share with you otherwise.
Let me share with you something.
Kids nature is to run around, play, grab, explore and sing.
They learn through exploration, experimenting and experience 3E concept.
Therefore, for them to really learn is not by us telling them what it is or how this should be, but by guiding them to find out themselves.
We should prepare the materials and guide them.

You can make use of daily life.
For example:
This is a tunnel I bought for her. It came with a tent.
You see, she knows by imitating us that when we enter the house, we close the door.
It is called imitation game. They are trying to be us, living in their own houses or cribs.

Other than that,it is expanding physical skill when she crawls fron the tunnel to her tent and vice versa.
Through  physical activities, your children will become stronger and healthier.
She found out how many doors she can use to enter.
Then, we played treasure hunt as memory games.
She has to remember the thing that I held and hid.
Example I showed her a ball and I hid it.
She would go look for it around or inside the tent.
There will be a lot of other things laying around or inside the tent as distractions, but she has to pick only the exact colored ball or toy that I held earlier.
Basically, we are exercising her memory and it is part of Mathematical skill.
Mathematics are more than just counting.
I may share later in the future.

The thing was, Isabella enjoyed the game so much and we bonded through our activities together.
When she suceeded, she looked so proud because she achieved something.
It builds up confidence.
Praise her.

This is another memory game.
3 bowl, 2 balls, only 1 bowl without a ball.
She will have to remember which bowl has balls and which doesn't.
As you move the bowls around to confuse her, she will have to guess.
If your child is older, you make it harder by using only 1 ball, and let the other 2 bowls, empty.
If your child didn't pick the right one, just give some encouragement such as,'Owh no, it is empty. It's okay, you can try again'.
If she did well, say,'Owh, it's a ball. You found it! Good job' and she will become proud at the same time encouraged to succeed more.
Repeat this everytime so that she will get used of the words and understand.
Later on, she will repeat your sentence the way you did.
That is called language skill.

How do you develop language skill in your child??
It is the way you talk to her.
Say as many words as you can and pronounce it clear and correctly.
Say only simple sentence because she is learning words, noun and verbs.
She doesn't next to form complex sentences.

For example, in the above situation:
'Owh, look at that!! Panda!!! It's panda bears. Panda!(and point to them)'

'There are so many pandas. What is that?? Baby where is panda??(gesture with your hands)

And she will look at your lips and say or whisper 'panda'
Later if you continue, she will say it loud 'panda'
When she is trying to say the word, you should encourage her such as ,'yes baby, what is it? Is it a panda??'
This is for baby after 6 month to 1 year old and plus.
A child after 2 years old, should be able to say simple words clearly.
It will be much easier.

If you want your child to be articulate, you should introduce a lot of words. Variety even.
Then, your child will love to interact with you.
Here, Isabella entered the pool of balls.
She grabbed 2 balls and shrieked to me 'Balls!! Balls' and she showed to me.
It is communication.
She wants to share with her mother her excitement.
That is part of 'sahsiah dan rohani'.

I am so happy to share everything that I learn with all of you.
To me, I don't want to just influence my own child, I want every child to benefit from an excellent education to produce a better ummah in the future.
I hope this share will benefit you.
You can ask me more if you have any questions.
Happy teaching mothers:)


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  2. Good tips and reminders. Even for a seasoned mom like me. Thnx. (y)

  3. Thanks for sharing! And oh, seriously those are the little things (closing doors) that parents really should take note. There are sooo many times where I had to instruct little girls to close the changing room door until one extent that I feel oh come on... Such a simple thing, why don't they teach their children? And then came the mother, tak tutup pintu. So I know.

    Keep on sharing! I like to drop by once in a while to read your stories :)


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