My review on Toujours Collagen Dust

I promised to review Toujours Pure Collagen which I was taking for the last one month.
Since, I kept quiet, my followers have been asking about the review.
So, you guys do remember my rambling huh??
I bought this from Hanis Zalikha's mom Ms Nani Rostam.
It costed me RM 170 for 70 g of collagen dust.
It lasted for a month if you use wisely as the quantity is half the container.
When mixing it, I use Sunquick and honey to mask the fishy taste.
The first time, I consumed purely and nearly vomitted.
If you mix with other drinks, it would better.
I have been very diligent in consuming it morning and night for the best result.
Sadly, I didn't see any changes even after a month when the bottle was empty.

As you can see, there are few scars and marks on my cheeks.
My skin doesn't have much problem.
I have been using Loreal Revitalift and I have to say it is the best products for me.

Still, there are some marks that the cream couldn't get rid of.
My skin becomes lighter, fairer and softer looking.
I though of adding collagen to help the regeneration faster.
After all I will be 30 this year and the percentage of  collagen in my body will decrease.
After a month, my skin still look the same.
I am not loosing the scars and holes.
When I was using Revitalift, I could see the changes within a week.
That was when I started snapping photos to monitor the changes.
For a price of RM 170, I would demand a change within a month.

This month, I thought of tryin Secret Skin Kawaii, the one my good friend Dr Halina ihas been using.
Sadly, it wasn't there in the shop at Precint 15 so I decided to try Jamu Jelita fron D'Herb.
You know that guy from ' Tangan putih, muka hitam'.
The retail swore by it since she is using it and her friends who are using this are seeing the results within 2 weeks.
So, fine, I will monitor the changes and will update you guys.
This bottle will last me 1 month and a half, RM 36.
Good price right.
Qu Puteh was there in a bigger bottle but it is pricely RM 260.

Wait for the review okay.


  1. Honestly, I've been waiting for this review too! Hahah.. not too adventurous on trying new stuff so I only stick to pure honey and air suam. And bedak sejuk, which is a safe option but quite a hassle. Shud get something yg dah ready to makan je. Easy. So I'm looking forward to your review on the next one ;)

    1. Hehehe yala since it wasn't working for me, I thought of not sharing about it. Rasa bersalah. But people have been asking for it on my insta and facebook n i penat nk jwb satu2. I pun ambik honey and lots of plain water. Cannot live without them:)

  2. Waiting for your review on jamu jelita

  3. Waiting for your review on jamu jelita


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