Duck in the city press event

I know it is kind of late to post regarding the media event on Duck City Scarves.
Forgive me as I have no idea how to 'sumbat' more slots for blogging.
Anyway, better late than never right??
So, yeah I went to the event on last Thursday.
It was held at The Cantaloupe, Troika KLCC.
I was so excited to go.
You know why???

Don't care??


I mean of course I was excited since I am a big fan of duckscarves.
Being there to see the products firsthand before launching, was like a dream come true, you know.

Seriously, you got to see this.
They are launching the Duck in the city scarves in white and black!!
How chic!!
As always the quality of the materials are just impeccable and the designs are so chic with a tint of elegance.
They are must have for our collections!!

So here is Ms Daphne Iking as the host of the day cum the model for scarf's tutorials with the help of Ms MinLuna the rising stylist.

I must say that Daphne looked lovely in those scarves.
There were several tutorials for contemporary ways to tie these scarves.
One of them were Vivy's favourite.
My friend and I tried to cramp all the techniques as they were very stylish.
Duck in the city is a very modern and chic, thus it suits all women who wants to look chic and contemporary.

Got to meet Shearasol the blogger.
It was a smooth event with the help of Daphne Iking.
She is very professional and talented as a host.
I started to admire her after witnessing her work myself.
So, as I was wandering around with my good friend, I noticed the Duck's General Manager smiling at me.
I knew who she was through the interview in Raikan Wanita.
Anyway, maybe she was welcoming us.
As we were busy trying to enter the flatlay competition, she came and with a smile, she said,' You are Dr mummy right?? I have seen you on instagram'.

Hahahahahaha Lol.
So people can recognize us from the instagram, meh?
I thought, nobody would notice or even recognize me in person.
Duck GM Ms Khoo Min Jee is a pleasant person.

Anyway, as I watching the show, few of the audiences greeted me as Dr Mummy!!
Oooo owhh oo.
They were very nice but I was thinking of limiting my posts now. Hehehe.
Intimidating right??

The best of all was this..
Got to meet Vivy Yusof.
She was very heavily pregnant and still looking radiant more than ever.
She was very humble, kind and gracious.

As I was waiting to meet her, she suddenly waved towards me.
She was posing with the other ladies.

I thought hmmm, must be someone she knows, standing behind me.

And as soon as she finished, she walked towards me and said,' I know you! I have seen you so many times on instagram!!'

Owhhh I want to tell you the story but I was so star-strucked that I couldn't totally recall the whole thing.
It was more of a blurry state for me.
I didn't remember much eventhough I stole quite some time of her time.

I remember, we shook hand and hugged while I said quietly,' This is scary' as a replied from her seeing my posts on instagram.
I immediately thought on my ugly moments and those silly posts if I didn't filter them.

My Gosh, this woman is such a big name whom I look up to.
Such an inspiration to me and many other women out there.
I always admire a strong woman.
I guess, it is funny when I experinced a star-strucked state of mind.
Embarassing! Yes!
Speechless! I couldn't think of a reply.
Maybe I was weird to her.

But she was so gracious, cute,petite, calm and confident.
Love her.

I can't wait for Baby M to come.
Another adorable baby, maybe Mini Vivy:)

Owh, I got a token from them. The Duck in the city scarf in black!!!
Yeay!! Okay I really was hoping and praying for this way before I attended the event.
I just couldn't believe they would give everyone this.

Okay guys, remember to get Duck in the city scarf ok?


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