Precious flashback

Have you ever experienced a moment when you flashed back to your previous memories.
I did.
Through things which were familiar to me taking me back to the time relating to a song.
I was driving to work when my favourite band the Lifehouse aired on the radio.
'Hanging by a moment'.
My favourite song.
I immediately got excited and started singing with them while moving my shoulders and upper body to the music.
How much I enjoy that moment, such a simple feeling.
It reminded me how long I have left music.
Who doesn't enjoy music in their youth?
Music was an essential part of my life as a student.
I listened to music during revision time, working out, and as I sat on the train or trolleybus heading to classes or hospitals.
Every songs will relate to some stage of my life and they are memories.
Memories of the journey of one's life.

When life was free, easy and simple.
I was a girl, single and I could do a lot of thing for myself.
I studied after class, cooked or baked something in the oven and ate them while watching House, Grey's Anatomy or Korean/Japanese Drama.
Then, in the afternoon, I headed for a long run in the city with my headphone or just run to the gym.
That feelings when you were running with the breeze on your face and your ponytail swayed to sides following your rhythm, to me it felt like I was running on a big green meadow with the sun creeping shyly on top of me and the breeze saying hye upon my face.
There was only me and my Lifehouse sharing that special moment.
How beautiful that day was.
Not to hot and not to cold.
My precious sunny day.
It didn't cross my mind at that time how my life would be in the next 5 years.

Look how far I have lived.
That was when I was 22-23 years old and I will be 30 this year.
I have no time to listen to music except the occasional drive to work, if I remember to on my radio.
Even those songs payed on the radio, were not of my choices.

I have not updated my itunes for a decade and totally lost my earphone.
My music is the sound of me chatting with my baby or Isabella chatting with me in her own way.
I have not visited a gym for like 4 years and don't like running in the hot Malaysian streets.
I still watch series though and Korean:)
No I don't hang out with friends in the cafe anymore or watch cinema with my husband or friends just like I used to do when I was working in the hospital, single.
We would go to The Curve for dinner, the whole doctors gang and stayed up for a movie until late.
The next day, we still have to reach the hospital at the wee hours.

How much I have missed that simple life of 'MYSELF', 'ME ONLY'.
And at the same time I don't wish to go back there.
Nobody stays at that stage anymore.
My bestfriends, groupmates, classmates, batchmates are all in my stage now.
We are working and juggling with family.
As much as I cherished that memories I know it is better kept as such.
Life as a wife and mother is a blessing, equally precious but.... MORE REWARDING..

Living as a young, less wise adult forever??
No way.
With age comes experiences and memories and owh achievements.
On my exhausting day, I still can't imagine living life without my husband and my baby.

Though it was fun to be a teenager and young again hahahaha.


  1. Hi doctor! I just love your entries... A basic opinion on life.

    Well, just these few days I realized it has just been a year since I left uni. And just a few months more to get tied up to a lifetime commitment. Aii.... This post give me those feelings, you know. That I'm to leave 'only me' days... Eee.. And soon I'll be the one feeling like this.

    1. hahahahhahaa. I guess everyone goes through this flashback from time to time. Make us want to enjoy each stage of life to the fullest right? hehehe

    2. Yes indeed! And thank you. Once a while people do need reminder! :)

    3. Yes indeed! And thank you. Once a while people do need reminder! :)


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