When my husband gave me ways how we might not be married..

Have you ever thought how fragile life is?
I mean, with every decision that we make, the outcomes and story of our lives will change.
Yesterday, we were driving and talking in the car.
It was just a random talk on our universities' lives.
Then, hubby asked 'You got an offer from UKM right?'

'Yes, I did', I said.
'What course was it?' He asked.
I replied,'Degree in Biochemical engineering'.

Then, I continued,'Syg, maybe if I accepted the offer, do you think we would still end up together?'

He replied,'Hmm, life is so fragile that every move we make will just change the storyline. Maybe if you studied here, your story will be different. Your life might be taking a diffrent tune '

I added,'Yes, but if it is our fates to be together, we might still bump into each other. Afterall we know each other from the Facebook. So it doesn't matter where we studied. We might meet up and start dating way earlier. We could you know hang out during college days. Wouldn't that be fun?'

He paused,' Yea, but maybe you will meet another guy from the UKM and ended up marrying him'.
I added,' Hmm but maybe I will meet you instead'.

He added more,' Or, maybe we will never meet each other and since you were not a medical student, I wouldn't ask you questions on my upset tummy'.


What is this??
I told him that it is our fate to be together and he kept giving 5 different stories how we might not be ending up together.

He got on my nerve, so I asked,'Are you regretting meeting me? Are you having a second thoughts and you are trying to find ways that we might not be together??'

He laughed so loud,'I knew you were going to say that!'

'Yea, here I am trying to find ways for us to be together no matter what happened and you are finding ways to not be together. Apa ni syg? Do you know you will not have Isabella if we never got married??'

Hahahahahhahaha Isabella is always the key.

'Ya la betulla tu. And you will not get a cute Korean baby look if you didn't marry me. Isabella is cute because of me,' he added.

Yea right. He always think that Isabella resembles him.

Anyway, we just ended up laughing.
I don't take a joke seriously because my husband is my close friend.
Jokes and laughter will cheer a marriage.
I know he is lucky to be married to me.

I am thankful that fate has brought us together:)
So much love.


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