How to make homemade playdough??

We were given a task in the class last weekend.
The task was to use playdough to create decoration for a cake.
It was a homemade dough using flour.
I will share the recipe at the end.

The thing was, I realized I have no idea how to play with playdough.
Everyone was busy rolling it around and I as always the leader of the group, giving the the theme.
I could lead the group, voice out my ideas while everyone would follow obediently.
One thing for sure, I am a natural leader.
But something is missing...
I am not an art person.
So my group asked me,'What will the cake decoration be?'
I answered 'Lets make under the sea'

And yes they agreed.
They were so creative and they really enjoyed creating a crab and octopus etc. They could make anything.
Hehehehe I just retouched here and there.
Yes! like the eyes and the smile.. I made them.. clap clap.
I realized then that I never played the playdough when I was young.
To think back, I don't even have barbie dolls.
Maybe that contributed to my unartistic talent.

The thing with art and crafts is it makes you think and use your imagination. At the same time, kids have to remember the object so that they can create a replika using playdough.
It trains their mind and memories.
It builds a craetive and innovative side of a child and later as an adult.
Therefore, we should let our kids play because behind those games ( not ipad game), a genius will emerge.

This morning, I woke up and made this.

I use wheat flour, oil, salt, hot water and a little bit of starch flour.
There is no measurement. Just add according to the texture you wish for.
Go for soft but not waterry.
Finally just add the colors using water color.

I let Isabella play with them today.
She was so fascinated with the texture.
She kept on poking the dough again and again until later she started mixing all the colors into one big dough.

You could create anything and let them help. Maybe like rolling and kneading the dough.
Our aim is for them to have fun, to learn the texture, to strengthen the fine motor skills and to be creative.
If your child is older, it will be better since he or she can create herself using her imagination.
Maybe it might not be great, but remember not to correct the creation at all. Just support and give words of encouragement. With that, you will boost the child's confidence and courage to try new things.

Have fun trying:)


  1. Did Isabella did all that by herself? Such creativity!


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