My progress on Jamu Jelita

I was looking at old photos and then I came across these.
Didn't know I still keep them and OMG!! I knew how bad my skin condition was but I have forgotten how bad it was until this.

These photos were my skin last year right after I deliver Isabella.
My skin has always been this bad since I came back to Malaysia.
Finally leaving so much scars.
It was so sad.
Then I started using Loreal Revitalift.
Right after giving birth.
I was so lucky that they work.

You can see Loreal Revitalift has lightened my scars.
The top photo from the left was worse than the right and bottom.

After a year with Loreal Revitalift, this is my skin now.
I swear I don't edit or use make up at all.
Because why would I lie to myself.
I just want to see if each product I used work or they were just a waste of money and time.

I took this photo above before I started using Jamu Jelita.
I will always monitor the progress so that I don't I know the result.

I knew I need collagen to boost the skin repair.
A cream is good to an extend but collagen will help the repair from internally.

5 days after Jamu Jelita.
Look at that brown pigmented spot near my ear.

See how this brown pigmented spot fading after 7 days.

If you don't zoom on my skin, you will not see the small scar such as the above photo.
That is why, I don't use foundation on my face.
My friends and staffs commented how my face looks moisten, soft, fair and glowing:)
Thanks to Jamu Jelita for extra boost on my skin care.


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