Sakit perut

Isabella wasn't feeling well today.
According to her babysitter, she was weak and clingy.
She couldn't tolerate oral intake.
Her abdomen was distended and she threw up everything that she ate on top of having no appetite.
As a mother, omg!! I was counting the hours to go home.
Of course I wanted to make sure that it is not an emergency such as intussusception.
That is a common surgical case in kids when their intestines got tangled together.
Very bad.
Anyway, when my babysitter said that her was distended but soft.
I drew my breath in relief.
It probably just a case of gas.
I think she is teething because her temperature has risen up these few days without signs of infection.
I must be boring you with the way I think but I can't help it because I am a doctor.
Differential diagnoses are important.
She can only sleep on her aunty's lap. She would wrap her hand around the babysitter's leg to ensure that she wouldn't go anywhere.

Still, after seeing the photos sent by her babysitter, as a mother, I felt sorry for her.
I know she must be starving, in pain and weak.

I took vitagen from the fridge and filled her bottle.
I was right.
The vitagen wasn't enough for her.
She wanted more.
I called up my dad to buy more.
When your child has gas, she can only tolerate certain kind of food or else she might throw up.
Milk is tricky because it can cause build up of gas and ended up throwing up more.
Vitagen and yougurt are better as they contain probiotic and good for recovery.
Porridge and soup are good choices as well but the quantity should be small with more frequency.
You don't want to burden the stomach because that will cause more gas and pain.
Still, you want to provide energy to your child.
That is why, small amount of food with less meal gaps will work better.

After shower, I applied the eucalyptus oil on her tummy.
It will offer her some relief.
It also works for cough and runny nose.

Poor baby Isabella.
Texting daddy.
Still studying. Just like mommy.
She is not happy with daddy's texts hehehe.
Get well soon my darling.
Mommy is making porridge with ginger for her tonight.
Anak sakit.
Memang tak best:(

Okay everyone.


  1. aaaaw hope she is fine by now... get well soon baby girl... :)

  2. She is looking much better today. Tq Farah:)


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