Where to go this year??

Hye guys!!
I sound cheerful right? Hahahahhaa.
Sorry for being quiet as I don't have much energy left to blog or do anything else.
Thanks to morning sickness.

Anyway, lately I have been thinking and planning in between nausea and vomiting, where should we go for family vacation this year.
Actually the plan was to go for Umrah at the end of the year but plan has a way of changing.
End of the year, I will be in labor.
InsyaAllah, next time we will be Allah's guest cause I really want to go.

So where should I go?
Turkey is the place  I have set my eyes to after my Europe trip but travelling all around the country plus a lot of walking, I know for sure I will be sick and will not enjoy the journey at all.

Syg!! Because Qatar released a special deal in April for Istanbul. They were really cheap.

So, I looked for more.
Where else??
It is easier when your heart knows what it wants.

Whenever I choose a place, I will decide the season first.
The best time for me will be in June before Ramadhan.
I would just enter second trimester and hopefully based on my first pregnancy, feeling strong and refreshed again.

June in the northern countries is having summer time.
I hate summer.
It is so hot and sunny and the nature is just similar to Malaysia.
Unless I travel south to Aussie.
It will be winter overthere.
I could take Isabella for winter holiday, introducing her to snow.
I was secretly imagining this basking in the pleasure of seeing my little girl building her first snow man.
By the way Malaysia Airlines having a cheap deal to Melbourne now.
RM 3300 for the 3 of us.
Owh there is dolphin watching and visiting the seal's rock, waiting for penguin after sunset, visiting kangaroo, kaola bear and many more.
How fun that would be for Isabella.

I paused during my research.
My head was pounding.
I had to lie down.

I started thinking, I don't think I am up for more walking.
I remember how terrible Seould was for me because I was pregnant.
My feet swell at the end of the day and I started limping.
I really didn't enjoy Seould that much and because of that, I have decided that we should go again in the future.
Because Seoul was amazing!! Beautiful. Owh wonderful. And I was limping in pain due to muscle cramps. Lol.

Melbourne was out.

Then, hubby suggested this,'Why not we go to someplace where we just chill and enjoy the beach and scenery such as Bali. Afterall, Isabella loves beaches'.

What a splendid idea.
I started reading about Bali.
And surprise! surprise! I found a great deal from Malaysia Airlines.
This time, we are taking my mother in law and my youngest sister in law with us.
We decided to please her by taking her with us. Well she was very excited now.

Thought of infecting you guys with my Bali mode..

Sigh... can't wait.
Thanks to hubby for agreeing to take us.
Now I will be busy planning..
Something to occupy myself and to look forward to.
Bye guys


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