Terrible hormone

I just realized how horrible I was yesterday.
In the morning, I had this craving for koey teow goreng.
So my husband went to buy for me at 8 a.m.
He came home for 2  'Cucur keria' for Isabella.
And koey teow goreng for me.
But cucur keria is my favourite.
So I told him to give Isabella koey teow a little bit and I will eat the cucur.
As it turned out, Isabella wanted that cucur as well and hubby as always, relent to Isabella.
I was angry 'Thats mine'.
He said,'I bought for her'.
'No but I want that',I said.
So he said,'Okay you can share with her'.

'No!! Thats mine!!'

As soon as I said that, I realized Omg I am such a terrible mother for fighting about food with my daughter.
This hormone is driving me nuts,
But thinking about cucur keria again, it was so delicous.
Hopefully I can find them again.
So much ubi inside.


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