Weekend in PD

Good morning!!
Here I am waking up with a sea view.
With the wind blowing gently at the veranda.

We are here in port dickson..hahaha. only here.
Actually we planned to go back to Kulim this week but that was before I got pregnant.
Now with the motion sickness and morning sickness, even a short drive to PD threw my bowel's content out.
I even regret on the way up here.
I was vomiting in the car and it was so loud that Isabella started imitating me at first.
She then turned around to see me who was sitting at the back.
She looked very worried.
I mean yeah tears were running down my cheeks.
I wasn't sad but the pressure and pain from vomiting always brought tears down.

Anyway, hubby thought it would be good for me to relax and chill here.
So here we are.

No I don't fish.
We stay at Lexis PD Water Chalet.
It is big and beautiful.
Yesterday we visited the PD Ostrich Farm.
We fed the rabbit and ostrich.
Isabella fed the ostrich, I hid behind my husband.
Look at that big head facing my daughter.. cringed.
Isabella wasn't intimidated at all. In fact she requested more animal's food to feed them.
Brave girl.
Focusing on the cocks and how they cuckoo..
These days, wherever I go, I always make sure there is something beneficial for Isabella.
A place she can enjoy and explore at the same time.
I was happy to find the PD Ostrich Farm at PD.

Second pregnancy.. I no I am going to be a late booker.
Late booker is a mother who the doctors and nurses refer to as someone who doesn't get her pregnancy check up early.
I feel so terrible that I forgot to take folic acid regularly and I haven't started on obimin yet.
Second pregnancy doesn't get the best treatment and I am so guilty.
Despite me having the dizziness and morning sickness, all I think about is that little girl who always upto something.
She is a handful and I wonder, worried whether I can divide my time equally to 2 kids.

Last night she just dropped her daddy's iphone in the deep sea down the chalet.
I turned my head for 2 minutes to make sandwich and thats what happened.
Goodbye daddy's iphone.


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