A touching story

I have vowed to be more patience guys..
If there is something that I think my husband did wrong like hmm I forgot.. you see because I don't hold grudges hahahaha.
I mean the silly things husbands do that cause the wives to nag..
not the big thing like wanting to marry another wife hehehe.

So I have been very nice, patient and caring, loving bla bla despite being so tired and not in the mood to do anything but take my baby bump to sleep.

It started with my husband having a neck stiffness for 3 days until he couldn't move.
Well to think about it, it actually started after we came back from my sister in law's house in Cheras.
It was almost 10 when her husband who is a mystique guy hehehe sounds weird right but he can see ghost or genie or whatever they call it because he studied under this Tok Guru in Terengganu.
Anyway thats not the point. He said to us suddenly, 'Nanti nak balik, keluar dari rumah dukung Isabella, jangan biar dia berjalan kaki'.
So we complied.
The thing was right after we reach home, my husband feels heavy on his back and the next day he developped a stiff neck for 3 days with headache.
Okay if according to a doctor's explaination, of course that he has been working too hard and it causing muscles' tension on the back and neck. It leads to poor circulation thus the headache.
To others, owh hantu tu duduk atas belakang suami I sb tu berat dan sakit.

Anyway, for 3 days I tended to him, nursed him and massaged his head.

As a result, he was super nice and caring to me.

Nice reward.

For a week, I didn't nag at all at him.

I noticed, he was so sweet to me.

One night, we were in bed at his mother's house and I told him why..

I said,' Syg, I was working the other night and came in a father with 3 little girls. The oldest being in Standard 2. He told me that the girl complained of headache and he didn't know so much on what to do. It was much easier if their mother was around because all these while, the mother took care of the girls. So, I asked where the mother is now? He explained that she has just passed away 4 months ago. She didn't have any illness but one day he came home and she was sleeping so he lied down next to her. She said, she had terrible headache for the whole day. Then she got up to shower. Right after she reached the bathroom door, she turned back and headed to him. She hugged him and kiss his cheeks. She said only 'Abg, saya minta maaf'. And she passed away. There was some bleed in her head. But the last thing that she did was very touching. She kissed goodbye to her husband and apologized. So, I wonder if one of us pass away and I don't get the chance to apologize to you. What will happen to me? Can I enter Jannah when I get angry for small things compared to big things in life? I am also scared that our time together will be too short and I have not appreciate it that much. Anything can happen in life. That is why I have stop complaining or nag. I am scared that I don't get to apologize to you'.

Both of us kept quiet.
My husband knew that was the closest that he is getting as an appology.
I don't like to talk about deep things.
And as much as I try, it is very difficult for me to appologize but I do try my best especially in my everyday gestures.

So, yea I think as long as we can tahan, we'll just tahan saja la instead of hurting their feelings. What do you think? Tapi jgnla klu drg buat teruk2. I mean those things like they forgot that and this. You know they always forget things hahahhaa.

Okay bye.


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