Pregnancy craving

This pregnancy, this time is weird.
Okay all my pregnancies made me have weird craving.
The last pregnancy, I wanted to eat only rice, no western food.
Actually if you know me, I prefer western food than our traditional dishes.
Right before pregnancy, I would forcefully dragged hubby to the Cafes selling roasted chicken or grilled or carbonara spagetthi.
When I became pregnant to Isabella, all I wanted was Nasi Kandar!! Nasi Lemak! Nasi bla bla.LOL.
Pening suamiku.
Suddenly I want to eat at mamak.
Owh and first trimester before, I was vegetarian due to morning sickness.
No meat, no chicken or fish.

This time around I eat sandwiches everyday, Subway, Starbuck's sandwiches, pizza, spagetthi and Western food only. No rice.
I very rarely eat rice. That's only when my favourite aunties cooked for me in kampung.
Recently, at work, I started eating Roti canai morning and lunch time.
With a lot of Kari.
'Ane, kasi kari lebih tau'
The thing is I don't eat Kari at all before that is why I dun go to mamak.
Now, my roti canai is so flooded with Kari.
My husband who loves Kari is so confused.

On top of that, everyday I want Satay.
I dreamt of Satay even.
It was 12 noon and hubby said, no satay stalls would be open now so we went off for an afternoon nap.
So I had a dream.
I went to pasar malam and had to line very long to buy satay.
When it was my turn, the lady who was packing the satay took her sweet time and suddenly she was touching my husband's hand.
I was so pissed off that I told her she has been taking too long and I want my satay now!!
Why was she stroking his hands anyway??
What a bitch she was.
I still remember her face and she was not pretty at all pfffft. Bitch.
I would have slapped her if I didn't wake up immediately.

Anyway, we tried satay Willy and Satay Kajang (Not Satay Kajang Hj Samuri) and eventhough both were incredible, I found out that Satay Kajang is way more superior.
So cubalah tau.
And I eat Satay (was not my favourite before) everyday now.

Today I woke up and read about the Rongingyas.
It saddened me to see kids starving and being sick.

I looked next to me and there they were, the jewels of my life, my husband and my baby.
I am in my 2nd trimester now and I thought about having 2 kids.
Of course I still can't imagine how to handle 2 kids in the future.
I guess when the time comes, I would know.
I feel grateful with the love and support from my husband.
Alhamdulillah with everything Allah S.W.T has bestowed upon me.

No more morning sickness and I am starting to enjoy myself.
See you guys soon:)


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