Private Villa in Seminyak

Salam from Bali people!!
What I am doing right now is.. I am lying on a yellow sandbag next to our private villa pool in Seminyak and breathing in the cool fresh air while watching the clouds speeding in the sky.
Have you ever notice how fast a cooud can move?
Well it depends on the wind.
I guess the wind in Bali must be strong.

Who get to observe clouds in Malaysia?
Definitely not me.
Owh life is hectic. That is why I need vacations.
Vacation is the time when I have my family together night and day. Nobody's coming late from work, nobody's sneaking to the next room to complete his work (my husband la tu) which makes it a chill and rest perios of time.

We will be here for a week.
Why I chose a week? So that I can visit everything without rushing my tired feet.
The morning water is cold.

I am just going to share a little bit about Bali.
It is an island but quite huge island.
If you are here for 3 days, chances are you will rush to see everything or you miss a lot of things.
Bali, despite being Indonesia, it is a very clean place with modern and modestly large international airport.
No beggers on the street like Bandung and Jakarta.
There approximately 3 millions Bali citizens living her but with additions of tourists and expatriates from Europe and Aussie, they make 5 millions people on this island.

Bali is very popular with tourists especially after the Eat, Pray and Love starring Julie Roberts.

People come all over the world just to enjoy the beautiful beach.
The water was so clear that I could see from the sky.

This is the Pandawa Beach.
The waves are gentle so you can see kids playing in the water.
The first one is my sister in law, my mother in law and us.
They add to the cheerfulness of this vacation.

My mak:)

Here we take photos from up the hills with Pandawa beach at the back.

Bali use Indonesia Rupee and for now the rate is 1 million rupee=RM 287.
Weather is dry and sunny during the day. It rains very rarely and that makes Bali fits for tourists all year long.
Trust me, there are so many tourists here.
It is safe, clean, beautiful and peaceful.

Okay, I am going to swim now.
I'll update more about other places for you guys, soon.
Forgive this pregger.
I feel sleepy early at night, so no time to share my experiences.

I think a private villa is the best way to go in Bali because you get a huge house all to yourselves with kitchen and pool.
Great for family.
Don't worry about the price because airbnb has all range of price.

My villa is in Seminyak, a classy place in Bali where the Caucasian likes to go.
It is at the city, but less crowded compared to Kuta.
It is a Bali designed Villa with 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a kitchen, and a private pool.
Everything is provided for us.

Okay guys..


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