Haircut day

I went for a haircut yesterday.
After a year and a half, I knew I shouldn't avoid the visit anymore.
After work, I took Isabella from her kiddy and went straight to a saloon nearby.
I prayed inside that she will behave, no cry and will not cause any damage as kids can be very unpredictable.
Alhamdulillah, she behaved very well. She was dancing to the nursery songs and ended up attracting so many employees overthere. They took turn playing with her and eventhough my eyes were always on her, I felt very relief.
When she came close to me, she saw a huge pool of hair on the floor.
I was scared that she might touch them but thankfully her reaction was ,'Eww, dirty' and wouldn't dare  come near them.

This girl is a friendly girl.

The be truthful, it is exhausting chasing after her, being a mother, but at the end of the day, you know deep inside you that there's nothing you would rather be.


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