Hani bermaksud tenang, seronok, mudah.. Just like Isabella Hani

The thing with pregnancy, you always wake up in between sleep to go piss.
So last night I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep. That wasn't the first time that I ended up being awake alone.
I decided to look for names. I was bored.
As I scroll down the names and meaning, I came across 
Hani which is Isabella's second name..
Isabella Hani.

Hani means the one who is at peace, happiness, and easy.

I thought of her character.

It just click.

We always know that our characters will be a reflection to our names as well.

No wonder Isabella has been such an easy kid.
Since she was born, she has never kept us awake at night, not even once. People said motherhood means being zombie, losing your sleep. Many mothers complained how difficult it was to put their newborn to sleep and to sleep through. For us, don't ask for any tips because I don't know what we did because she just falls asleep according to our time and wakes up in the morning. 
Bless... Fuhh.

She is not a cry baby even if she falls down and hit something.
She is not a whiny child. You can ask anyone who has met her. They would say,'Ahh I am so glad that she is not a crier. Cannot tahan kids who whine a lot'.

Okay ya la she's my kid so I puji her but really I said this when others said them to me to make me realize that not all children are the same. I can't compare since I have only her.

She has no stranger anxiety. She has always been friendly to others, never fear strangers since newborn. When a baby reach 8 months, they usually start experiencing  stranger anxiety, meaning they know who their parents and familiar faces so they get anxious with people they don't know. That is normal. Psychology. I was waiting for Isabella to have that not that I was looking forward to it. Nope, she passed 1 year old and no  thing happened. Still salam and kiss anyone who likes her. When people adore her, she has this small smile on her lips with her eyes slanted on one side as if she found that amusing but enjoys the attention all athe same time. Weird mind.

She eats anything you give her no matter spicy or not. Never had tummy problem. Weird. Most infants cannot stand spicy food but this one likes it with no loose stool. Makan pedas kan cirit. Mommy makan nasi lemak pun cirit. Apasal anak tak cirit??

She obeys instructions. My aunts call her well-behaved, listen well and obedient.
Of course once in a while she decided to ignore my instructions but 80% of the time she does so I really have no tips. When my friends asked me for tips, sigh I have no clue how to handle tantrum or willful child. I would just say,'No Isabella, don't touch that. It's hot'.
So she stops as she says 'Hot'.

Dirty, dangerous.. I use reasoning.
I don't know if it will work with others. Because kids are different. Only their mothers know best.

If she disobey me, and that thing will bring her harm, I'll just 'hmmmmmphhhh' (harsh tone) and she'll just drop everything and run. Hahhahaha.

Or I'll say show mommy your hand. Which hand disobeyed me?

She would keep both hands behind her back, understood that she has done something wrong. So she stopped.

Sometimes, I would punish her by telling her to stand at the wall. She would go quietly, sad. Stood there looking at me, hoping to be called back. When she gets impatient, she would walk slowly to me when I wasn't looking. I look at her and said 'not yet. Go back'.

She would return to the pose.

Usually it would be just 30 seconds to 1 minute. Very short as not to stress her.

I want her to know what she did was wrong and try lessen physical punishment.

After every punishment, you can soothe your child with a hug and words.

'Mommy loves you but what you did was wrong because.....'

Of course kids are kids and you shouldn't control them much except when it endangers them.

I don't know I somehow think marah-marah endlessly or without a point can hurt Isabella's feeling. There is a line between being stern and being ferocious.

I would tell my husband 'Jgn kecikkan hati anak'.

Sometimes when people get frustrated, angry with their children for doing something wrong, they tend to scold overboard without stressing what was wrong. Kids dun get it and they think you don't love them anymore. When that happens you can see the expression on the face, changes. Kecil hati.

my staff nurse took her for a walk and snapped these. She would wave to every passerby. Letih tunggu miss friendly ni. Sampai bila pun tak sampai destinasi.

Yesterday we went to Chicken Rice Shop the two of us. She always accompany me especially for meal as hubby always finish late and I get very hungry. She just sits and wait for the food. People around would be engrossed in conversation with adult and I would be talking to her.
The other day, we went to Italianese in Midvalley together. If she was out of control, I tak bawa dah.

She just sat there. It wasn't moving and she scanned their nearby kids. When I said 'ready isabella. Smile'. This was what she did. Actually in all the photos above she was ready.

Then, she tagged along for mani and pedi.

Sigh... I wish that you will blossom and shine more honey. Thank you for always keeping me company when daddy's not around. You are 'anak yang baik'.

Now, I have to look for another good name so that I will still be able to sleep at night. Imagine if my second one is totally opposite and I have to handle new challenges?? Matilah.. After all kids are not alike. Hehehe (nervous laugh).


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