Review on Realkids

I was thinking of sharing my view on Real Kids.
I am sure many of you have heard of this kindergarten as they were established since 1985 
So, Isabella has been going to this place for 3 months now.
I sent her for half day care, 5 hours.
The school is so big with like 10 rooms for classes.
They even have a huge playground outside the school and gym area.
Those areas are designated for kids after 3 years old.
To enter you need to press a buzzer and your face will appear on the screen inside and a teacher will press open door for you.
Everytime I went there, I managed to sneak peek on many activities that they held for the big kids.
The lessons were conducted in proper ways. Through the daily updated children's board, I could see their lessons plan as they would paste the children's creation.
Someday it was colouring a parrot, another time, it was writing a dotted alphabetes, teacher's day cards, cut and paste color papers and many more.
In the afternoon, it was gym time when kids were taught to do some physical activities like roll over the head with a male teacher as a gym teacher.
I could see how happy the kids were.
Language medium is English and all the kids greet me in English whenever I drop Isabella.

Just last month, before the school midyear holiday, they held a huge party for the school as to celebrate midterm.
All the kids had to bring food from home.
It was such a cheerful morning.
It just made me smile seeing how excited kids and parents were.
I brought bihun goreng for Isabella.
The next day, there was parents-teacher conference. That was when teachers discuss about strenght, weakness, characters of the children.
This is very important for parents awareness.

Isabella is in a sweet tots class.
This is a daycare area, kind of secluded for peace.
Her area consist of a huge hall for rest, a play area where they have toys, rocking animal, books and slide.
Next to that room, there is a learning room with table and chair.
Kitchen and bathroom are located in another area. Basically, babies have 4 areas for themselves.
How huge right?
The decorations are cute, sweet and peaceful with soft peach mural at the wall, springed soft toys hanging at the ceiling and stars, polko dot at the doors.
I think the decorations are very stimulating withouy being overcrowded.
CCTVs are just everywhere.
Every morning when I drop Isabella, she will be greeted by her own caretaker with a bright smile. Everyone knows her name even the older kids teacher would greet 'Good morning Isabella' when I enter the school.
I thought don't they have hundreds of kids to remember names already? Isabella is not in their classes.
But well, it was nice to be known right.

1 caretaker takes care of only 3 babies.
So, the babies and toddlers are very well looked after.
Isabella took 3 weeks to adapt and I can see how she bloomed amongst her peers.
She started socializing and playing with them.

Few questions that I asked the caretaker..
'Does Isabella hit other kids?'
No, she only play, she doesn't hit them.

Fuhhh good news

'Does she eat a lot?' (Anak aku mkn byk)
Yes, she eats a lot. She always ask for 'nak asik' even when other kids have fallen asleep.
But thats okay.

No wonder I always spotted the teacher feeding Isabella alone when other kids were already sleeping.
But she is like that always nak mkn nasi. After nasi, buah, biskut or 'cuit' as she calls it, bun and non stop. Just continuously eating until night. Luckily she is such an active tod to my dismay,that she doesn't grow fat. As a doctor, of course I am worried of obesity. I am letting her enjoy the meal but once I see her moving towards obesity, I will have to put a stop.
As for noe, she is tiny and thin, so thats fine.

Anyway, regarding Realkids, you guys can try sending your kids there.
Very satisfying.

The fees rather high halfday RM 550, full day RM 950.
Another baby's coming:)


  1. Salam mummy, im planning to send my son there. He is also makan banyak kind of toddler hehe so he asked for nak naasik all the time :p thats why im a bit particular on the meal plan.

    I went to the realkids cyberjaya last month myself and i agree with what uve written. Im not happy with the meal plan tho. From what they showed me, its just a 3x snacks until lunch time. snacks consiat of orea, cookies cake etc. When i asked about lunch menu, she just showed me the same meal plan. Im planning to send my son the fullday course so im a bit concern. Maybe they didnt update the meal plan? Can u share more details regarding the foood they fed Isabella? Huhu thank u thank u


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