Family and bonding???

It was a simply wonderful weekend.
For years, I didn't have luxury of a weekend and I forgot how wonderfuk weekends are.
Now since I am pregnant and taking things a tad bit slower, I am starting to enjoy weekends.
No wonder you guys have Monday blues.
I have to admit that I do not wish to be separated from weekends and Monday Blues suck.
Weekend is the time we spend with our loved ones right??
I got it now.
Without having to work?
So this weekend, my mama maksu, owh she is just so wonderful.
I am missing her already.
She is the closest thing to a mother to me.
Now plus my mother in law who is also my precious mother who pamper me to the worst ( masak sedap-sedap).
Anyway, my mama maksu, I call her mama since as long as I can remember.
Well, I don't talk about her because I can get emotional.
Since after my mother passed away, she basically scopped in like an angel and demanded that I (3 years old at that time) to call her mama.
She was my protecter to anyone who stepped on my toes.
I don't think I would have turned normal if she wasn't there for me.
Probably, become a drug addict or, runaway teen or I don't know, all those bad social life of a teenager from a broken family, maybe a Mat rempit?
Anyway, she came with her family, my jahat cousin who used to bully me but who knows me to the deepest of my sole, bless her.
We had so much fun, overnight at Setia Alam, another cousin of ours.
We called our gang, ok they called our gang the 'Geng Mamak Siam' despite my cry of distress.
We have just found out that our ancestors were originally from Siam and somewhere along the way married to Penangites.
Me mamak??
They know that I am in denial hahaha.

Anyway, we went there, had delicious chicken curry with bread cooked by my Champion eldest cousin.
They are all great cook just like my grandma.
The next day, had nasi lemak for breakfast and had to bid everyone goodbye.
Isabella packing herself to follow to shu balik Kulim.
Can't wait to see them again the whole Mamak Siam clan soon.
That was a great weekend right?
To spend with people you care and love.
Now I understand the use of weekend.
Late but not too late.
Owh I'm still a workaholic so don't blame me.
I will just have to squeeze some time with my relatives so that they don't feel neglected.LOL.
They said I quote 'You are going to end up alone if you don't visit your relatives. Work is work but family is a bond. We don't have anyone anymore but us. Grandma has passed away God knows she kept all of us together, but now that she has gone, it is our job to keep the tie stronger as ever'.

Got free lecture by them but well I know it is my fault. My husband knows it too.
He kept on lecturing me on the way home from my Kulim last month.
He was right so I kept quiet.
But in my defence... I have been too busy. I have been working without having weekends or leave so how to visit people. But I got their points so there will be changes in my life insyaAllah.
There are so many people who care for me, waiting for me when all these while, badgering me to realize that I was never alone but I will be alone if I continue acting like a lone ranger or being married to work hehehe.

I know all of you are better than I am in this family/relationship thingy. I am bad at this probably because I dun have sibblings so I don't really know that well about that sibblings eternal bond the way my husband's family do it.
I have always been independent until I become to independent.

But life is all about learning and admitting your lacking.

I hope you guys have a great Monday:)


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