Sunsets in Bali

Last night in Bali..
And here I am on a long yellow sandbag by the pool, looking up the sky.
Stars are lining up and shining up so bright.
It is such a peaceful night.
Listening to the water fountain from the pool.
Tomorrow we will be leaving.

Bali to me is a place filled with culture, the old Asian hospitality and beauty.

To my husband and sister in law, I guess it is about shopping mostly. LOL.
Yes! Shopping is crazy cheap here.
Talk about Quicksilver, Roxy, Rip Curl, Billabong Outlets.
Huh. Crazy cheap. Everything from Quicksilver was like from RM 25-60.
My husband went crazy and I don't blame him.
As for me, I am not a fan of surfing stuffs. So.
By my sis in law got few nice Roxy sunglass and leather wallets for great deals.

I got myself a henna at the Kuta Beach.

A full body massage by the beach for RM 18.

Isabella got herself hair braids.

Kuta Beach.. I read so many bad reviews on this beach. 
Being crowded, dirty and too noisy, filled with clubs and drunken.
I wasn't planning to go until we went.
We were lucky because according to my driver, it was a quiet, less crowded in Kuta Beach.
Still, to me, it was crowded.
But the beach was so long and huge so everyone scattered wisely and spaciously so I didn't mind.
I found Pandawa and Padang-Padang Beach more crowded the other day.
No space even to sit down.
Sunset in Kuta Beach was still awesome.
I love the outline of sea, the purplish, bluish color of the water, the golden reflection of the sun settling down and most of all, I admired the way the clouds arranged themselves together today.

No matter how many sunsets you observed, everytime will be different.
You will never get bored. Or my husband and I will never get bored.
We love sunset.
We would travel for sunset view.
See the clouds...
As the sun disappeared, we made a move home.
Tanah Lot's sunset
Jimbaran's sunset

I asked my husband,'Why is it so beautiful in here? Why are the beaches so beautiful and the water so charming?'

My husband replied,'because Bali is special'.

I am glad we get to share another beautiful place together.
Another memories of us.
I can cross Bali out from my list now.
More places to go insyaAllah.
I wish to complete my list before I turn 40.
I guess that is good enough because it is a damn long list of everything. Basically round the world before reaching 40.
Some people, perhaps dream of big car and a bungalow with luxury, but I dream of just to see the world.


  1. Its a wonderful experience to go out in beach with a family in such a pleasant environment. I think kids enjoy the most in such environment.


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