My DIY kitchen

You know how when we move to a new place and there is no proper built in kitchen cabinet?
I made it a requirement to have built in kitchen cabinet but after long searching, we settled for a unit without it.
Which means I need to be creative with storage.
We have so many things to be stored right in the kitchen?
I turned to Ikea of course.

Instead of crowding my small sink, I hanged everything.

Above my wet kitchen.

It was a simple 'bodo' punya sink.
Compared to the old place in Putrajaya. But fret not I managed to hide the under sink view.
I seriously don't like to see the pipe and dustbin.
So yeay!! I hid my dustbin there.
Isabella still know how to find the bin under there as that girl shows her neat quality just like mummy.
If she sees rubbish, she will pick and throw here.

By the way, I googled this skirt and made it myself.
Bought cheap cotton from Nilai 1.
My small old shelf which I bought 3 years ago for our first house.
I don't throw things and I don't just buy unnecessary new things.
I like to recycle and make them new.
Just like this table.
I bought this at Aeon Big when I was a bachelor.
It was that dust wood study table.
Very cheap.
After 3 years, the surface look spotty and stained so I wrap it with wallpaper and used it again.
My husband told me to throw it but after seeing its new face, he nodded his head.
Also this cheap plastic stool from old times.
I made my diy cover to go with the kitchen.
To me it is not about being able to afford new things or not but it is about making the things work for you.
I guess I was influenced too much by the DIY blog and my DIY uncle.
One more stool not done yet.
This kitchen was empty when we moved in.
And now we filled it.
Like this.
Okayla for now.
Probably will buy an island table for cooking purpose.
Practically, I didn't buy anything for the new home.
Everything was from old place and rearranged again.

So, to those of you who are moving to a rented place, you can do this as well.
Without breaking a bank.
This swing chair, well my husband didn't agree at first for it to be here but it has its purpose.
When I cook, Isabella can sit here and watch.
It so much easier to watch over her while preparing for food.
Just a small humble home of ours.
She is enjoying her new puzzle.


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